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The following molding variations have been used to build the 2009 models

Low Camber:
A traditional full camber much like you would see on a downhill race ski. Less camber then you would see from the average industry ski. Excellent for harder snow, groomed, or skied out. Camber makes the ski very responsive edge to edge and fast to initiate a turn.

A combination of camber and rocker that is showing some obvious benefits. A small amount of camber in the underfoot area adds life to the ski and allows for more edge grip. The tip and tail are raised up with rocker making the ski perform better in powder. The tips and tails traverse better across the surface of the snow freeing up the catch points from grabbing variable snow.

Tip Rocker:
The rear 75% of the ski has a very low traditional camber and the front 25% of the ski has rocker. The Rocker in the tip increases performance in powder and variable snow. The tail having a very slight camber allows for a more traditional ride and feel.

Continuous Curves Rocker:
The rocker profile has no flat spot; instead it flows from a greater curve in the tip to a lesser curve in the mid and tail sections of the ski. The result is a great powder ski.


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