Emerald Bay

I had a good buddy (who I used to guide in Alaska with) in town and I wanted to show him one of the more beautiful sides of Tahoe. With this in mind we drove down to Emerald Bay yesterday morning and parked at the Eagle Falls trailhead. I had never been to this zone before but I knew it would deliver some killer vistas.

We started out from the Eagle Falls trailhead in Emerald Bay and charged up the trail to Eagle Lake. At the lake we hung out, ate lunch, and talked about old times. The lake was intricately frozen over and the slanted light of the shortest days of the year put a yellowish glaze on everything.

After lunch we strolled up the trail for an hour or so to the ridge. There wasn’t much snow, but it was nice that we had boots and gaiters as it was knee deep in spots. The view from the ridge was a classic. We could see our little frozen lake, beautifully convoluted granite peaks in every direction, and even Lake Tahoe in the background. The white puffy clouds and occasional snow flurry only added to the scenery.

Fall is an amazing time in Tahoe because there is no one here, you can ski, the hiking is still great, and the little bit of snow crammed into the cracks of the mountains makes them that much more aesthetic.

…yet, I wouldn’t mind if that storm comes in next week and obliterates all the rest of the hiking around here.