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VBS.TV - Powder & Rails - Tahoe Legends


VBS.TV - Powder & Rails - Tahoe Legends


Donner Ski Ranch: home to the Tahoe Legends event, held every March. Influential riders from around the globe converge on the mountain to ride like it’s 1989. The snowboarders may be getting older, but their styles are timeless. Watch this week’s Powder and Rails to see the legendary event. Spoiler: We track down and film “Hunks of Metal,” the band formed by Shawn Farmer, Terry Kidwell, and Bob Klein.

Event co-founder Mike Chantry:

It’s hard to remember why we started the Legends of Tahoe; it just sort of happened and just keeps getting bigger and better each Year. Each year we select a few people that we believe were the true movers and shakers of Snowboarding in the Tahoe Area. Whether they were board makers, riders, editors, resort people, etc. Everybody rides his or her old crappy vintage boards in day-glo clothing. We ride, we honor, we roast, and we PARTY! It’s all for a good cause and a good time. The 2010 people to be honored so far are, Keith Kimmel, Damian Sanders, and Tom Hsieh. The past honorees list goes on and on, Tom Sims, Chuck Barfoot, Terry Kidwell, Shaun Palmer, Norm Sayler, Bob Klein, Mike Chantry, Don Bostick, Amy Roberts, Tom Burt, Jim Zellers, Bonny Leary, and Joel Gomez. We have a lot of deserving people on the list, so I don’t think we’ll run out of honorees for many years to come.

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