Get to Know a Blaster

Get to Know a Blaster


Get to Know a Blaster


December 5th, 2009


Jackie in Las Lenas, Argentina chillen with the local perro, Jorge.

Name: Jackie Paaso Age: 27 Live: Kings Beach, CA Comp ski: Ski Poison: boys.

1.What is your Tahoe story? I moved out to Tahoe 6 winters ago and have been there every winter since. I started coaching the freestyle team at Alpine Meadows. Next thing I know I’m competing in big mountain comps and skiing at Squaw!

2. What got you hooked on skiing? I just loved skiing the moment I got on skis. The feeling I get from skiing I can’t get from any other sport, and I love that.

3. What Mountain did you learn to ski at? I grew up skiing in Maine at Sunday River. Bluebird pow day and you are first in line. Where do you go? Anywhere I want.

4. What else do you like to do in Tahoe besides skiing? I love the mountains and the lake. My favorite landscapes always involve mountains and water!

5. How do you feel about being in the boy band ‘Kick Ass Blasters’? Well, it looks like the boy band has some female members. It does feel pretty good to be the first girl! Ha ha!

6. What are you looking forward to this coming winter? I just can’t wait to get out there and ski. I look forward to seeing how much I can push myself this year.

7. Twisters or Spread Eagles? Double Spreads

8. What do you like most about competing on the FSWT? Any career highlights? I love all the friends I’ve made on the tours. Everyone’s so excited to see others do well and I think that’s awesome. I think my career highlight would have to be winning the Sickbird award at Snowbird in 08.

9. How was it traveling to South America in summer to ski? I’ve wanted to go to South America for a while now and getting down there this summer was awesome. It was a bit of a tease because the Marte lift never opened for me, so I’ll have to get down there again. The terrain looks amazing.

10. Who is the sickest ‘Kick Ass Blaster’? Tim Dutton.

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