Reverse Camber And Rocker Powder Skis

Reverse Camber And Rocker Powder Skis


Reverse Camber And Rocker Powder Skis


Only a few years ago, powder skiing changed forever with the birth of reversed cambered skis. Seeing the difference between hard pack skiing and powder skiing, mad scientist and skiing icon Shane McConkey started looking at water skis as an inspiration for a new kind of powder ski. The result was the first ever reversed cambered ski, the now legendary Spatula. It took the ski industry a few years to accept the change but now just about every company is building reversed cambered and rockered skis. Because this technology is now the hot ticket, companies have been trying new things and building their skis with all kinds of unique characteristics. Here are a few that of the craziest ones.

Armada ARG â?” (185cm, 125-135-133-134-120) The first thing that probably- jumps out at you is the fact that the ski has five measurements instead of the standard three. The reason for this is that the ski has about 12-14 inches of straight edge under the foot. This gives the ski an edge to push off which the Spatula never had.

K2 Hell Bent (179cm, 189cm, 150-122-141) The K2 Hell Bent is a twin tip, rocker ski with an elongated tail for smooth switch landings. Made for powder skiing but also designed for easy butters and presses. – Popular

for those who like to bring jibbing to powder skiing. DPS Lotus 138 (192cm, 202cm, 140-138-139) Built with carbon fiber laminates, a wood core and bamboo side walls, the Lotus 138 is a stiff, burly ski that still remains lightweight. In the 192 you have the choice between two different flexes. K2 Pontoon (179cm, 189cm, 160-130-120) Designed by the guy who started the whole revolution, Mr. McConkey, the Pontoon offers a more full throttle aspect to the rocker design. With an unsinkable tip (160mm) and a tapered tail, the Pontoon delivers a ripping powder ski that can

still make it back to the lift via groomers with relative ease. Praxis Powder Boards (175cm 121,125,115 -185cm 131,136,124 -195cm 131,136,131) Based out of Tahoe, this homegrown ski company is building rocker skis with no flat spots. The ski has a lessening curve from the tip and tail to the middle. Local Keith O’Meara puts in a lot of time and energy when making these unique and extremely solid powder skis.

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