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Interested in building your own skis? Then check out for all the gear and knowhow you will need to build your own fly whips.

Step 1:- Ski Design The design process is the first step.- In this step, a ski is designed and the process takes into account a ski’s dimensions, flex, stiffness, camber, materials, tip/tail curvature, etc.- Once the ski has been designed, the next steps are to cut/prepare the materials. Step 2:- – Base Preparation The base material is cut to the desired shape, and pre-bent edges are temporarily attached to the base using superglue. Step 3:- – Core Preparation Vertically laminated wood is the most common material of a ski’s core.- A blank wood core is profiled to achieve the desired vertical dimensions to determine its overall flex and stiffness.- Sidewalls, tip spacers, and inserts are also attached to the core.

Step 4:- – Composite Preparation The composite material (e.g., fiberglass, Kevlar, etc.) is selected and cut to shape. Step 5:- – Top Sheet Preparation A topsheet is used to form a protective layer on the top of a ski, and it’s also the layer above the graphics.- For example, graphics can be either printed on the bottom side of the topsheet material or they can be placed below the topsheet material. Step 6:- – Pressing the Ski The prepared materials are then arranged and placed on top of the bottom mold (Figure 1).- Epoxy is used to glue the layers together.- Then the materials and mold are placed in the press to squeeze the materials together to form a ski.- The materials are squeezed together until the epoxy cures, usually for 8-12 hours at room temperature.

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