Voyage Home to Squaw Valley

Voyage Home to Squaw Valley


Voyage Home to Squaw Valley


Livingston Island

So we are on day 2 of our return trip from Antarctica to Squaw Valley, CA.- We left the Northern peninsula of Antarctica Saturday Nov 14th around 5:00 pm and should arrive to the port of Ushuaia, Argentina Tuesday Nov 17th around 7:00 am.

From there we hop on an afternoon flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina.- Then we fly to LA with a quick stop in Lima, Peru.- And finally we fly to San Francisco where Greg’s trusty Mountaineer is waiting for us to load up and drive back to Olympic Valley.

All in all the trip is roughly 90 hours between the boat trip, flights, layovers and car rides.- 90 hours to get from the bottom of the earth where we had an amazing experience skiing, climbing and seeing wildlife.

The Unofficial crew is coming back to Tahoe with some new knowledge.- We discovered an unbelievable ski zone that exceeded all of our expectations.- We traveled to the end of the world where we never thought we would be where we saw penguins, seals and whales.- And not to forget, we drank whiskey with extremely cold glacier ice.

Antarctica is a special place where we had good times and amazing skiing.- We would like to thank Doug Stoupe and Ice Axe TV for organizing the trip and to our guide Jason Mack (aka jMack) for his expertise that allowed us to ski some gnarly lines on the white continent.

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