Livingston Island

Livingston Island


Livingston Island


Yesterday evening we anchored off the shore of Livingston Island, Antarctica. Just like most of the other places we’ve been to in Antarctica, it’s snowy, sick and there are penguins. We were able to get out on the island early in the morning to a zone I wasn’t super sure of. It was really rocky, looked boney and I didn’t see many lines. On top of that, it was also grey bird. Onward we went and we soon began finding sick features. A potential couloir began to appear and I began walking faster and faster until I was in a full on sprint up the hill. I wanted to see if it went all the way to the top. In no time I was super stoked to see that it went through! I whipped out my crampons, some ice axes and began the ascent. It was pretty icy in the middle, a little less than a boards-width wide at the top but all in all, decent snow and a decent line. I was hoping to get some controlled turns at the top, but ended up straight-lining it. Nothing like a straight line to start the day!

The sun began to show itself, and we kept finding super sick terrain! Did I mention there are penguins here too?

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