Tammy: Adventure in Squaw Valley

Tammy: Adventure in Squaw Valley


Tammy: Adventure in Squaw Valley


Tammy's Adventures in Squaw Valley

This dust ridden antique book was found in undoubtedly the only house on the North Shore, that of Michelle Parker. It illustrates a young girl named Tammy. She is from Hamilton “the best city” not too big and not too small. Tammy is an enthusiastic girl who comes from a caring family and loves snow. She is so fascinated with snow that she has a pattern on her ceiling from a leak caused by the winter’s heavy snow and asked her dad not to paint over it.

One day after school Tammy knew her mother was hiding something from her, she eagerly tried to figure it out. To her amazement she found out that her cousin Dora was getting married over Christmas break in Squaw Valley and they would be attending. That is where her adventure began. Impatiently waiting for her last day of school to arrive before vacation she spent her spare time shopping for fashionable winter clothes.

After flying on a private jet for hours they finally landed in Reno, NV. A limousine picked them up from the airport and arrived in Virginia City. The next morning they drove to Squaw where they rented their gear for the day. Tammy found herself on a ski lift that was to take her up to Squaw Peak. Riddled with fear she clenched the chair for dear life, but as soon as she saw the vastness and the panoramic views she was relieved of all her fear. And that ladies and gentlemen is why Squaw Valley is such an adventurous and amazing place. This family went through leaps and bounds to enjoy what we get every day.

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