If you are looking out your window right now you are probably getting excited. Yes it is snowing and I know you are hoping and wishing that winter is finally here… – But it is still fall and as you can see from our friends at Tahoeloco.com, it will be followed by warm sunny days. Enjoy it while you can but don’t get your hopes up. MONDAY OCTOBER 19, 5:09 AM!Another, stronger wave of energy from the Gulf of Alaska low is perched on the California coast this morning and is expected to make its way across the Sierra later today. This is another relatively dry storm system, but it is carrying a little more moisture than Sunday’s wave and should track just a bit farther to the south. Light rain and high-elevation snow is likely later today north of Truckee and in the Tahoe Basin by this afternoon or tonight. Snow levels will start out above 7000 feet and then should drop to below pass level Monday night, but by then almost all of the moisture will have moved east. The forecast calls for just an inch or two of wet snow above 7000 feet by Tuesday morning. This system will also be packing some high winds. Southwest winds of 25 mph to 30 mph are likely today, with gusts up to 35 mph. A Lake Wind Advisory has been issued for Lake Tahoe through this afternoon. Once this system passes through, a ridge of high pressure will begin to build, warming temperatures and keeping any more storms from entering the area for a few days. At first, winds from the north will limit the heating. But as those subside later in the week temperatures should climb back above normal for this time of year. A storm system forming now in the Gulf of Alaska may make its way to Tahoe by next Sunday. Stay tuned as we track its progress.