PowderSouth. By Tim Dutton

PowderSouth. By Tim Dutton


PowderSouth. By Tim Dutton


TimyDutton.com After a few days of enjoying the Raddisson Hotel’s accommodations and a trip to the Santiago Zoo it was, at last, time to go skiing. This turned out to not just be another day on the hill, it turned out to be a much greater experience. Instead of going to the Powder South Heli Lodge we got in the elevator of the Raddisson Hotel and headed up to the roof where the heli picked us up and brought us into the mountains, and to our amazing guide Jerry. Once Tim Konrad, Ralph Backstrom, Mattias Sullivan, and myself got acquainted with this legendary guide we started on our mission.

Jerry our guide was very experienced. He was one of the founders of Valdez helicopter skiing and knew the business very well. Once Tim had explained to Jerry what we wanted to accomplish Jerry took us straight to the goods. Bump after bump we found ourselves on top of amazing terrain with perfect snow conditions. It was as if Jerry could just smell the goods from a mile away. We skied run after run and by the end of the first day we were all wondering if it could get any better than this.

At dinner that night we sat and talked to Jerry about what kind of terrain we liked to ski and showed him some footage of the past couple weeks. We decided that we could go down and check out the map of the area and see if we could pick out a spot to go after. Once we found a spot on the map we followed it up with a Google Earth session and went out looking for new terrain the next day.

For the next three days we flew around to new zones and skied every line we could. We had skied multiple first descents and multiple lines that had never been skied before. With Jerry’s great knowledge and our madness for skiing we made this amazing experience happen. After being back in Argentina for a couple of days, I look back on the journey and still can not find words to really explain how this all went, just a shit eating grin with some laughs is all I can muster up. So with that said HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🙂

– Timmy Dutton

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