A few Questions with Blaster John Lange

A few Questions with Blaster John Lange


A few Questions with Blaster John Lange


After a one day event and lots of down time I figured I’d ask one of the Blasters some questions so you can get to know them better. – We grabbed a cup of coffee in the local restaurant and watched the hailing rainstorm outside. – –

What’s up?

Not much, another down day here in La Parva.- It’s raining and completely white out.

How did your 1st run go?

It went well, wish I could have another run to move up.- Skied smooth and fast and am happy with 9th but…

How were the conditions?

Good, couldn’t ask for anything better.- Little windy but vis was good and so was the snow.

Did you like the venue?

Yea it was awesome.- I like how they named it after McConkey and hopefully next year we will get to do the other side.

How did the ‘Chick Air’ go?

Well, sent it like the rest of my fellow blasters and was lucky to have a pretty clean landing.

And the party?

Fun, little dancing, little booze. – Don’t know if I will be able to handle the Smirnoff for the rest of the tour but we’ll see how it goes.

What are your plans now?

Looking forward to skiing these road laps over in El Colorado and then back to Tahoe for some sunshine and work.

‘Chick Air’ Is one of the biggest airs on the venue that some guys saw a chick hit a week earlier.-

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