Q&A with Tim Dutton at the World Heli Challenge in NZ

Q&A with Tim Dutton at the World Heli Challenge in NZ


Q&A with Tim Dutton at the World Heli Challenge in NZ


The Ski Channel chats it up with Kick-Ass Blaster Tim Dutton..


Last year’s Freeski World Tour from-out-of-nowhere phenom Timmy Dutton is down under in New Zealand for the World Heli Challenge. The two week weather window for the three-part competition has opened up. The conditions, however, have kept the competitors closed down for the time being. With a little extra time on his hands, Squaw Valley’s Mr. Dutton took time out to answer a few questions from one of his fans (me).

Q: What’s the scene in New Zealand? You diggin’ it?
TD: The scene in NZ is awesome. Everyone here is super stoked on skiing and having a good time.

Q: Any nerves waiting for the contest to start?
TD: I don’t really have any nerves for the comp. The contest is one-of-a-kind and it is just so great to be here with all these other athletes going heli skiing.

Q: The World Heli Challenge is three, separate challenges. How do you feel about each of the challenges? Any plans to hide a little extra weight in the caboose for the downhill?
TD: Yeah, the three different challenges really test all the skills of a skier/boarder. I feel like I’ll be able to hold my ground in the Big Mountain and Freeride days, but my 130 lbs. doesn’t really move too fast, just going to give it my best on that day 🙂

Q: Have you been bonding with any of the other athletes? Who you hangin’ with?
TD: Yeah, I traveled from Las Lenas with the Unofficialsquaw.com Team (Tim Konrad, Jackie Paaso, Ralph Backstrom) down to here, and we have been having a blast. Also down in Wanaka we met up with Tom Day, Ingrid Backstrom, and Mike Wilson. We’ve been keeping Squaw alive down here for sure.

Q: Lots of Tahoe folks down there with you…
TD: Yeah. Tim Konrad, Jackie Paaso, Ralph and Ingrid Backstrom, Mike Wilson, Tom Day….pretty much giving this town a run for their money.

Q: You have added the title of “Blogger” to your name. You’re a writer! Any of your old high school or junior high teachers we should let know?
TD: Yeah I would hate to say it, but I like blogging. It gives me a chance to write what ever i want to, and put whatever I can on the internet. It really entertains me on down days. As for English teachers, I think they’re just stoked i’m not in their class anymore.

Q: Without sounding all corporate, what are your “goals” for this comp?
TD: My goals for this comp are to pretty much just go out and have fun. It’s not every day you get to go heli skiing with world class athletes and send it, but still the competitive side of me always is saying, “You ain’t first, you’re last.” It’s always nice

Q: Last words are yours, my friend…
TD: Hi Mommy!!!! love you

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