Portion of La Officina

Today Scott, Greg and myself skinned to a out of bounds area called La Officina, or the office.- Most of the lifts were shut down for the day due to high winds.- On our way out we ran into the Oakley crew consisting of Seth Morrison and Kye Peterson.

Mattias skiing right before the white out hit.


After realizing the Oakley guys sessioned the closer zone, we skinned a litter further.- From there, one of my poles randomly broke which didn’t help with climbing.- Next, the snow temp seemed to have changed which resulted in heavy clumps of snow building on our skins.- Finally, the partly cloudy skies turned into a complete white out.- Greg was the first sufferer of vertigo and turned back the way we came.- Scott and I tried to blindly trek on.


Eventually, we dropped in eager to rip some pow.- It took me a couple turns before I became really nauseous, the one pole not helping with balance.- I made it to the bottom and met up with Greg.- Scott came down after and we soon realized he wasn’t feeling well either.- Slowly, we were able to trek back out of the valley and back to the resort.- We probably looked like we were learning how to ski.


When you first arrive to Las Lenas you feel like you are on the moon, no trees anywhere.- When a storm comes through and a misty fog settles in, you feel like you are lost in the clouds, often resulting in vertigo.- Not fun, but I guess that’ll happen.