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Speed Ski World Record Holder – 248.105 km/h (154 mph) on May 2, 1999 by Harry Egger (Austrian) at Les ARCS, France … The Austrian stepped into a new dimension when he reached the speed of 248,105 km/h at the World Championships for speed skiers in Les Arcs in the French Alps. He surpassed the Frenchman Philippe Billy’s record of 243,9 from 1996 clearly.- “I knew already in the morning that the World record would fall today” Egger remembers, who even if he had some difficulties during his break-neck ride always came back into the ideal position.- “You have to fight every inch, you can never slow down and a fall would be extremely dangerous due to burns and tissue shock!” Having passed the finish line the strain was followed by a break down.- The World Champion had to throw up and could hardly keep on his feet.- “Body and soul couldn’t possibly bear more” the 1.95-metre-tall and 105-kilogram-heavy Tyrolian summed up.- From now on his colleagues respectfully call him “le grand patron”. Residence: Lienz, Austria Date of Birth: November 2, 1965 Philosophy of Life: “Only dead fish swim with the current.”