Hot Dog... The Movie - Clips, Links and Quotes

Hot Dog... The Movie - Clips, Links and Quotes


Hot Dog... The Movie - Clips, Links and Quotes


Hot Dog... The Movie

Following Following last week’s announcement of the formation of “The Kick-Ass Blasters”, we have received numerous emails about, well, how kick-ass Hot Dog… The Movie is.- Of course to those of you that don’t know, “The Kick-Ass Blasters” (the team) pays homage to the 1984 film set in Squaw Valley.- Within those emails were several links to some of the great scenes and quotes from the movie, so I have decided to provide the clips for you today, as some ski porn (not quite literally) for this summer season. So without further ado, here are some of the best clips and quotes from “Hot Dog… The Movie” from all over the web.- Of course if you know of any that we have left out, please feel free to leave the links or quotes in the comments section below.- ENJOY!

Hot Dog… The Movie Trailer


Race Official: [at the top of the jump ramp] What’s your jump? Harkin Banks: The Kiss-Ass Blaster. Race Official: I’ve never heard of that, what is it? Harkin Banks: It’s my jump. Race Official: Well you’ll have to tell me what it is before I can let you go down. Harkin Banks: It’s a twistin’ triple. Race Official: A twistin’ triple? I’ve never even *seen* one of those done before. Are you qualified to do that? Harkin Banks: We’ll I’m gonna do it. Race Official: [shakes his head] Allright… go ahead. Harkin Banks: [smiles and skiis off] Mitch Ryder Montage

Ahhh, Rudy…

Ski Ballet Scene

Snowball Fight

Chinese Downhill

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