I must admit that I am the worst when it comes to properly storing my skis for the summer months. The pairs I don’t take to Argentina just sit in my car and when it comes time to ski them in the late fall I am dragging ass trying to keep up. If you are anything like me these helpful tips from about.com should keep your skis nice and speedy for next season. How to Store Your Skis

  • After the last use apply a heavy coat of wax to the skis, covering the edges and don’t scrape them. This will keep the edges from rusting.
  • Don’t store the skis in a basement where temperature extremes and moisture can occur.
  • Don’t set the skis on a concrete floor, to avoid possible delaminating at the tails.
  • Don’t unload the binding, the spring tension should be maintained.
  • The best spot for the skis is a wood or tiled floor closet in the living area â?” where the most ambient temperatures are.