The UnofficialSquaw team is happy to announce the newest contributor to, Double Maguffin. We are sure that his insight and opinions on the Squaw Valley community will be a great addition to the website. Welcome aboard Maguffin. Mission Statement First and foremost I have to thank my friend Tim, without his vision none of this would be possible. I was present for the very inception of this website. It was a couple of close friends sitting in a small studio apartment underneath the cable car after a long day of riding. Sun drenched and tired we sat sharing war stories, beers, and criticisms of the obvious gaps in content and regularity in the website most associated with Squaw Valley. – It was in this moment that it was decided to devise a superior website, specializing in up to date, unfiltered, rider driving content that could satisfy the local diehards and give an accurate barometer of the conditions and the daily happenings for those not as lucky to live close enough to report themselves. – As with the original ambition of UnofficialSquaw, I vow to contribute a unique and authentic perspective of the life and times of skiing Squaw Valley, unsanctioned and outside the confines of a traditional corporate driven site. Thank you for the opportunity Tim. Over-Out, – Double Maguffin