Ski Bum Advice

Ski Bum Advice


Ski Bum Advice


Here is some helpful advice that has been passed down to me over my years of ski bumming.

5.- Get yourself a good pair of ski boots: They might set you back some hard earned cash but I promise that you will not regret it.)

4. Check your bindings on a regular basic: It is something that is often over looked but can have huge consequences if not checked.

3. Always ware sun block: Don’t forget that up in the mountains there is less atmosphere for the sun to cut through and that snow reflects sunlight.

2. Get health insurance: No matter how good you think you are shit happens and when it does you will be- very happy that you will not have to move home and get a “real job” to deal with medical bills.

1. Eat a banana everyday: One word, Potassium.

Oh yeah there is one more thing, Keep them hands forward.

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