Ski Report from the hill: January, 26 2009

Ski Report from the hill: January, 26 2009


Ski Report from the hill: January, 26 2009


Powder Day At Squaw Valley.

Last night we received a good helping of some super light snow. The skiing was good from top to bottom with over 2 feet of snow up in Granite, over by VIP’s, and pockets of over a foot off KT. Once again the were very few skiers up on the hill which left plenty of fresh to go around.

The Palisades and GCP opened for less around midday but were shut down do to “low visibility”. Tower 16 and Broken Arrow also opened today with some really good conditions. At One o’clock I headed over to KT to find relatively few tack. Red Dog Ridge and O’ly Lady held fresh until almost close and Under the Alternates had still not been touched.

Ski Report’s From The Hill

Update 8:30a.m: There is about 4″ of snow on the valley. More up top.
Update 11:00a.m: Deep light snow off granite. The sades just opened

Update 1:15 : KT is skiing great. Relatively unskied.

8:30 a.m. - Headwall

Mattias Sullivan stoked on the powder

2:00p.m. - View From KT

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