White Noise Cover

Well the wait is over, TimeLine Films has released “White Noise”, a documentary that follows Xavier De Le Rue on his quest to ride mountain faces that are near vertical. To put it lightly, you’ve never seen big mountain riding quite like this. Check it out if you’ve got the time, it provides an inside look at De Le Rue’s world of Snowboarding Alpinism.

The video is non embeddable, so click the above picture or watch here.

In addition to this film, check out Mission Antarctic, a livecast pursuit of unexplored Antarctic Mountains.

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  1. in zee middle says:

    gnarliest big mountain ever.

  2. Miles Clark says:

    Dang, I have enough footage ti blow this video away. I only teased you guys with my promo video.

    This dude is pretty good for a side slipper.

  3. Bosco says:

    That was sick.

  4. jaw on floor says:

    just post this everyday because you won’t be able to match this. Only bummer is his past two short movies with North Face and Swatch are too short. Where is the hour flick. Need to see all the film they shot, it is just too good. Insanely inspiring. Thank you!

  5. nuttButter says:

    so sick of cinematic BS. Get to the point -> the riding


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