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This new Contour promo video starring Cam Zink and Kyle Strait from lovely Virgin, UT is WILD! The lines that these guys can ride casually would have most good bikers browning up there shorts instantly. The backflip at 1:10 is completely nuts! I can’t believe he was able the stick it. All these features are in the zone that Red Bull uses for the Red Bull Rampage and they are open to the public anytime outside of the event.

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  1. Brodie says:

    One word. BALLS

  2. that was large says:

    heres the shot from across the canyon

  3. Daylong says:

    That backflip was just insane

  4. chris says:

    behind the scenes:

  5. the dh guy says:

    watch this- this is all footy of that day. Includes massive back flip

  6. dustin says:

    that would have looked a lot better on a gopro

  7. randombeater says:

    damn why did I watch that , im gonna have to get that watch and helmet cam now


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