Snowboarder Magazine really screwed up on this one. You know you have a problem when you can’t tell if it is a joke or real, but either way the Internview by Snowboarder Mag is the most painful thing I have seen done by a respected and well known snowboard magazine in a long time.

Funny? Definitely not. Informative? Far from it. Relevant? No. Not at all. This segment of Snowboarder Mag’s Internview puts what appears to be the two most brain-fried snowboard industry together in front of the camera to create the most mind numbing small talk imaginable.

But I won’t keep this rant to myself, lets open this up to the video comments on the Snowboarder Magazine website:

By: Cornelious Oneil:
“This chick is the dumbest girl in the world. Pick someone who can actually interview. WHAT ARE YOU DOING SNOWBOARDER MAG! She is ugly to”

By: DatDude
“Internview is why I prefer Transworld Snowboarding”

By: piles
“This intern is a terrible interviewer. Do Not Bring Her Back”

By: Leem
“Pretty sure she is the reincarnation of Hellen Keller.”

And last but certainly not least:

By: john
“this is fucking retarded”

There are plenty more, but I think you get the point.  Thankfully this monstrosity is over…

Now, if you are looking for something to mend the mind, something that will actually crack you up and make you laugh, the place to look is either Kyle Mooney, or Erik Pants.

Kyle Mooney has some weird talents for incredibly awkward interviews at events with random people. You can’t help but laugh…or maybe it’s an acquired taste?

YouTube Preview Image

Though it doesn’t seem like Erik Pants is producing his interview series anymore, he knew how to ask the right questions and actually get a laugh.

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  1. ChemDawg says:

    i could not watch the whole thing… but I still want that 3:10 of my life back

  2. Boax says:

    First Drop a few weeks ago and now this? Please stop spreading these bullshit marketing videos or this will become more and more commonplace in the future.

  3. ChemDawg says:

    Actually with the FD video I could smoke enough weed to actually find it funny, kind of like a Tyler Perry movie, with this, I don’t think I could mainline enough LSD to find the entertainment value…

  4. Jealous and Reformed says:

    Too TOO TOOOO much Purple weed guys….. His tolerance level is far superior to hers I think…. Must be the Colorado hookups?
    I can’t Believe I have a F*N subscription to this Mag…. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I’m J MccLain…… so High, I’m jealous – I can’t do that at work

  5. Learn to spell says:

    It’s not as bad as the terrible spelling on this site, as usual you guys look like uneducated dipshits

    • Eric Behn says:

      Maybe you could let me know where the mistake is?

      • Daaaave says:

        Eric, although the spelling is correct, the syntax here is way wrong. Maybe this is what is being referenced? :
        ” This segment of Snowboarder Mag’s Internview puts what appears to be the two most brain-fried snowboard industry together in front of the camera to create the most mind numbing small talk imaginable.”

        • Your ballsack is my hacky sack says:

          Thanks so much for your complaint Daaave it’s really appreciated here at Unofficial.

      • Anonymous says:

        start with your title. “why” is a question. use a question mark. if you want you can include an exclamation point after it. your first paragraph has a sentence that is three lines long. maybe they don’t teach grammer in canada?

  6. Bigger Sky says:

    i honestly find it funny how honestly retarded she is. but i think this is real? so as an interview it had no value at all. and her being a retard got old after 30 seconds

  7. Kp says:

    Thanks for bringing this up. Saw it months ago. Wanted to cunt punch her.

  8. Will says:

    how did she ever get an internship from them… she is soooooo bad… i dont think that could have been any more awkward


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