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The 1971 K2 Team from the Dick Barrymore film “The Performers”. 

Freestyle skiing by the K2 demonstration team in 1971. They include Charlie McWilliams, Pat Bauman, John Clendenin, Bob Griswold, and Jim Stelling. From the film “The Performers” by Dick Barrymore.

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  1. Andy H says:

    This movie absolutely rocks. It’s everything that you wish skiing still was. The girl contest is straight out of the Hot Dog wet t-shirt contest, except of course that it is for real. The ballet skiing is a bit questionable but hey, it’s the 70′s man.

  2. Whisssssss says:

    I love the no pole front flip – these guys were hipster park siers in 71!!!

  3. K town says:

    I do not know a Jim Stelling but I do know a CHROME DOME.

    Channel 13 baby – Long live Barrymore

  4. lee slopes says:

    ” The Performers ” is by far the best ski film ever created. These guys are way better Than you will ever be and they didnt have the benefits of modern equipment. The footage of the first annual hotdog contest is a valuable piece of ski history( big fan of the shoulder roll) and the Bob Griswold powder segment should still be winning awards today. Soundtrack, cinematography, editing, content are all top notch. Essentially, the performers got way more rad than you will ever dream of getting so you might as well watch it and admire.

  5. Tim Starr says:

    Fun. Just fun! They make skiing look like a fucking blast. I love it!

  6. DRZmaui says:

    I remember watching this movie as a 12-year-old kid. Changed my life. Dedicated my life priorities (skiing and surfing). Still stoked on skiing after 40 years.

    Thanks so much Dick Barrymore (R.I.P.), and Warren Miller.

  7. Joel Ferris says:

    I was there in Sun Valley between 1970-1972. The K-2 Demo team
    were the toast of the town. Bob Burns was the original leader and
    superstar bump skier. To see him go down Limelight or Exhibition
    was something to behold…butt on the back of the skies, hands high…
    an inpsiration to all of us along with the demo team. There was also
    a Bonnie Bell girls demo team. These were great days….and then I went back to college to get my degree and get on with my life.

  8. curmudgeon says:

    Those images made me soil my Depends.


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