Well, we’ve been skiing already but it’s Indian Summer now and of course everyone is wondering what kind of winter in will be in Telluride.   When will we ski next?  People have their theories, but I for one like to believe some old farming wives tales about the winter.  I had a friend tell me the other day that it is a great sign there are so many bees, big snow year.  I didn’t really get this one though.  There are a lot of old winter wives tales that I believe whole-heartedly though, and maybe you should too.  Nature has its own way of preparing for a big winter. If the migratory birds are still hanging around, you may want to start worrying.  If your dog has a thicker coat or the squirrels are scurrying around already, start getting exciting.  Here are a few wives tales I dug up, and I have italicized and * the ones I have already spotted locally…


Old Wives Tales for a ‘Bad’ Winter:

squirrels begin gathering food in September-black bugs about in the fall.

* woolly worm tell of a  bad winter if there are a lot of them crawling about he has a heavy coat, you see him crawling before the first frost, if he’s black in the
front, the bad weather is coming

-hogs gather sticks, straw, to make a bed.

-birds eat up all the berries early

-birds huddle on the ground

-muskrat houses are built big.

-beaver lodges have more logs and the north side of a beaver dam is more covered with sticks.

-squirrels’ tails grow bushier

*fur or hair on animals such as horses, sheep, mules, cows, and dogs is thicker than usual

-squirrels build nest low in trees.

-hornets and yellow jacket nests heavier

-an ant builds its hill high

*crows gather together

(From http://www.wildonweather.com/forums)

I came up with a personal theory as well after seeing these trees loaded with pinecones up top…

A tree will produce more pinecones before a severe winter to ensure some of the seeds will make it through.  Squirrels were dropping them from above, hoarding in September for the winter months, which enforces one of the other myths as well.

So what do unofficial viewers think? Load of BS or signs of a great winter to come?  Are we just being foolhearty because we’ve had a taste of winter or is this the real deal?  Check your local beaver’s lodge.

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  1. scrotie mcboogerballs says:

    Bring it ON!
    I’m not scared……

  2. The dirty sanchez says:

    God I hope so……
    Last season sucked here in Telluride.

  3. nonbeliever says:

    This is all BS. how can anyone believe this shit? Wake up people.

  4. The dirty sanchez says:

    you are the one who need to wake up Sir!

    These “Old Wive Tales” are more accurate then anything you will find on your giant walmart TV which I know you own.

  5. Listen to the Animals says:

    They will show you the way

    • nonbeliever says:

      “Listen to the Animals”????? Do you hear them talking to you? you might want to get that checked out!

      • Markyb says:

        Nonbeliever, just because you have no brains doesn’t mean it’s BS. You should take more notice of the nature around you and you may actually learn something. Watch and learn. Forget the supercomputers and weather forecasters they know jack. The process of prediction is too complex for humans so let nature do it for you.

        • Bri says:

          Well, we’re off to a good start. In SO CO I’ve learned very quickly to ski it when you got it. Last May were some of the best turns of my life, and then skiing again in Sept. You’re right Markyb, look around and if there’s snow ski it dangnabit! The wives tales are working

  6. tommy romunsky says:

    “nonbeliever”, it’s as if your personal inventory of “real” things to believe in is full? don’t want to overload yourself, stress out the system, with too many things to believe in!

  7. Brian Horton says:

    For what its worth, I’ve also heard that for every foggy morning in the fall, there will be a dump of snow in the winter

  8. Chappy says:

    All I know is my lips are chapped a lot lately

  9. Thomas Chapman says:

    Funny, my ass has also been chapped a lot lately

  10. Redneck says:

    Here is a theory for you,
    last year I was told a light snow year was in store. This came from these old wives tailes/ the farmers almanack. That was obviously not true. This year I am hearing of a big winter. So from this and my experiences befor I’ll tell you what I think on the 20th of January. I’ll do my normal fall activity in the mean time, prepare for the cold/ and a great winter season. It can not be predicted by the animals, insects or the trees and shrubs. Old wives tails are just that, old crazy stories.

    • Alexandria says:


      Old wives Tales come from a basis of fact. I am a Native American descendant. And happen to love my heritage. For centuries we have been predicting harsh and mild weather to base our crops off of. Being able to “listen” to nature is not only a gift but something that is essential. I sure hope you never get stuck, in the wilderness, in a snow storm. Because I won’t be there, and neither will anyone else to tell you what to do. And how to predict the weather. Stop being ignorant and listen to the “facts”. And not the crap coming from the weather models. One day you might actually need the information to survive. Until then, Good luck and God Bless. I hope in no way I have offended you by informing you to good old facts. Have a wonderful winter!

    • DUCKY says:

      Its crazy I know, BUT.. Do we have a tail about – if it snows on top or snow in three days it suppose to mean something?

  11. Celeste Prescott says:

    That’s my house! Sure hope it looks like that again this winter!

  12. Pilmo says:

    So you “have already spotted locally” that “fur or hair on animals such as horses, sheep, mules, cows, and dogs is thicker than usual”. What is your scientific method for verifying that the fur or hair is indeed thicker than usual? Do you keep data on how thick mule hair is usually, and then you recently went out and measured some mule hair and it is thicker?! AWESOME!!!! LET’S GO WINTER!!!!!!!!

  13. ChicOnSticks says:

    Why are you on Unoffical if you are not a fan of winter? What a Negative Nelly.

  14. mntn goat says:

    my balls hair is growing abnormally fast and thick these past few weeks, this is a sure sign of heavy snow

  15. A believer says:

    Not all wives tales ring true but the vast majority do. So all of that said, have a great Winter. We’ve had a bit of precipitation the last few winters, nothing compared to the northeast though. Only reason I dislike it is bc I have to travel to work in it. If I could just sit at home and go outside and play in it like back in the day, I would LOVE it!!!!! Damn debt/labor slaving I call a life.. :o)

  16. Jordan Schwartz says:

    I am fine with the “bad weather” as long as temps stay above 15 degrees….. we would like some snow as opposed to dry

  17. susan ronzello says:

    My Grandad always said if the the trees change from the top down (which they are) this is also a sign of a bad winter….

  18. red says:

    These are actually good ways to help predict winter to come. I know there is another way by telling how your summers are too, i forget how it works but it has todo with air pressure, humidity, and the jet stream. As it was actually proven true to me in 2009-2010 season were we had been dumped on.

    But i see alot of people put down computers here and the satalites. They work great if you know how work them. Use them to find current weather by they can help predict if its light flurries or you get 15ft. Watch the live streams to see if you will be hit and watch out your windows to see what the cloud coverage is like.

  19. Nutmeg says:

    I am a firm believer that those tails are all true. I grew up in Alaska and I know what signs to look for. So all of you with your head…………… well you know. LOL! You will be the ones that are cold and we, that love the snow and watch for the signs we will be the ones that you all non believers will be crawling to.

  20. Frosty The Snowman says:

    Lately I’ve been seeing a ridiculously INSANE amount of crows huddling in trees and flying together is these big black masses… hopefully that means a lot of snow?

  21. Smithc607 says:

    Very nice! cfeedfedae


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