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Winter Weather Prediction For 2013 -2014

It is still a long way off before we will have a look at the official Farmers Almanac winter weather prediction but here is a winter weather forecast / outlook for the 2013 – 2014 North American winter from Powderchasers is calling for a weak El Nino which could lead to heavy snow for the Sierra, Southwest and Central Rockies. 


Still early to make accurate predictions however all the data that I have looked at seem to indicate Neutral Pattern for the West early season (Normal to perhaps slightly below in the North, and higher odds central and southern areas). Weak El Nino is likely by January or February increasing odds for heavy snow for the Sierra, Southwest and Central Rockies. The Pacific Northwest and Canada can still benefit from Weak El Nino (Stronger El Nino would be drier). Early predications might show normal amounts in the NW with a trend for warmer temperatures. The Rockies (Wasatch, Central and Southern Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona) including the Sierra might be deeper as the season progresses! Still too early to put lot’s of confidence out. Thus far the models are consistent. Fella our mascot is ready!

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  1. Frank says:

    Going to be so upset if we have another crappy year in SoCal.

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    Does SoCal ever have a non crappy year?

  3. . says:

    wait, i live in the outhwest rockies!!

  4. Tyler says:

    Wait who bothers skiing So Cal, When you can go North to the Sierras, a real mountain range.

  5. mottholomew says:

    think positive give mother nature respect and maybe she will respect us

  6. Doug J says:

    it will rain at baker

  7. Mammoth says:

    The Seirras are NOT in So Cal, check a map dipshit.

  8. Tyler says:

    Wow calling me a dip Shit , when you’re wrong. You never go full retard.

  9. Robot food says:

    It will snow in the PNW, it always does. Just wont see the sun for 4 months!

  10. ridingyourmom says:

    about time for a good season in tahoe… last couple of years have sucked

  11. Anonymous says:

    Supposed to be getting October snow in the east. I’m keeping my hopes up.

  12. Kode says:

    What about Oregon?!? I’ve looked all over for predictions and nothing :( gonna have to hit CO and Tahoe…


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