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Ever since we posted The Coolest Thing You Will See Today the guys in the office have been on the lookout for killer Urban Downhill Mountain Bike Videos. This afternoon we found this POV video of Filip Polc’s winning run at the Red Bull Monserrate Devotees 2012.

Check out Filip Polc’s winning POV run as he navigates through sketchy terrain and races down flights of stairs in an effort to take home 1st.

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Here is another look at the Red Bull Monserrate Devotees 2012

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  1. Deshootes says:

    Lame. Bunch of hacks who can’t hang on the dirt! Bikepaths with stairs. Totally bitchin’ dude! Bring your junk to the NW and we’ll see what you got.

    • you my friend says:

      need to read/research a little something about South America and their Urban DH scene before you shit outta yer mouth

      • Anonymous says:

        Not only that but going over that many stair sets for that long would be so tiring, like a non stop rock garden…kinda

  2. mc says:

    anything like that in san francico?


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