#1 AIGUILLE DU MIDI – Chamonix, France

aiguille du midi chamonix france best ski lift in the world

Yeah, no bullsh#t, it drops you off right here at 12,605 feet.  Your happy, mellow ski day ends now…

- Built in 1955, held title as highest cable car on Earth for 20 years

- Carries 65 passengers

- Highest vertical ascent cable car in the world traveling from 1,035 m to 3,842 m (3,396 ft to 12,605 ft)

- Altitude gain of over 2,800 meters (9,186 ft) in 20 minutes

- Top of tram has a panoramic viewing platform, a cafe, and a gift shop

- Arguably, the gnarliest lift accessed skiing on Earth

- “Ski an off-piste or out of bounds run in Chamonix and your life becomes your ante.  You are responsible for your existence in a game where losing means checking out for good.” – Greg Stump

- Video of skiing off the Aiguille du Midi


#2 LA GRAVE – La Grave, France

la grave has a pulse gondola

Yep, that’s a burly old gondy and some truly terrifying terrain.  La Grave, France.

- Sketchy 2 stage pulse gondola that occasionally comes off the cables on windy days

- Rises from 1,450 meters to 3,200 meters (4,757 ft to 10,500 ft)

- Access to a run of 2,300 vertical meters (7,546 vertical feet) from the top of this pulse gondola

- No ski patrol, no avy control, no grooming…this is as raw and French as it gets

- “This fearsomely beautiful and wild ski area (it cannot really be described as a ‘resort’) in the southern French Alps (Département des Hautes Alpes) is a one-off: no groomed runs, no snow cannon, no ski patrol or avalanche control, minimal lifts – and more than 7,000 vertical feet of mainly ‘ski sauvage’.”Sidartha

- Video of skiing in La Grave


#3 JACKSON HOLE TRAM – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

cable carThe Tram-icopter, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

- Travels from 6,311 feet to 10,450 feet

- Provides longest continuous skiable vertical drop in USA at 4,139 feet.

- First opened in 1966.  New tram opened in 2007.

- 100 passenger capacity

- Longest vertical rise of any lift in North America

- Access to 5,500 acres (backcountry and inbounds)

“It’s a 4,000 foot short cut to some of the best backcountry in North America. From the top, you can ski practically all fall-line to the base. It’s hard to find access like that anywhere in the world, let alone North America.” – Griffin Post

- Video of skiing Jackson Hole Tram


#4 MONT FORT TRAM – Verbier, Switzerland

mont fort tram verbier best ski lift in the world

Mont Fort Cable Car and some of the burl that you can access after you step out.  Verbier, Switzerland.

- Top station at 3,308 meters (10,853 ft)

- 8,239 foot run from Top of Mont Fort Tram

- Access to Bec de Rosses, site of the finals of the Freeride World Tour

- Endless scary backcountry terrain; you can ski to Zermatt from this lift

- “That mountain is…is…just scares me.”Henrick Windstedt

- Video of skiing & riding the Mont Fort Tram


#5 TS MARTE – Las Leñas, Argentina

las leñas ts marteOh, that’s weird…windy?  On the Marte chair?  That never happens…

- Slow, sketchy ass double chair

- Access to 43,243 acres of terrain, nope that’s not a typo

- 3,936 vertical foot runs from top of chair

- Top elevation of 3,430 meters (11,250 ft)

- “Heli skiing from a chairlift in some of the best freeride terrain on the planet.”Tim Konrad

- Video of skiing the Marte in Las Leñas


#6 KT-22 – Squaw Valley, California

squaw’s kt 22 chari

The KT-22 power lapping machine.

- Ranked #1 Chairlift in North America by many publications on numerous occasions.

- At a ski resort that averages 450” per year and got 810” in 2010/11

- From 6,200 feet to 8,000 feet in under 6 minutes

- Built for the 1960 Olympics, replaced by a high speed quad in 1995

- May have been ranked higher before KSL bought it and made sure lift lines were perpetually heinous

“KT gives you access to some of the best, most snow covered, fun freeride terrain at any ski resort on Earth.  The chair gets you back to the top again in under 6 minutes.  You can’t lap terrain like this, at speeds like this anywhere.  KT is why there’s a plethora of rowdy, ridiculous skiers & riders at Squaw; they get more practice in freeride terrain than anyone.”Miles Clark

- Video of skiing KT-22


# 7 PEAK CHAIR – Whistler, Canada

whistler’s peak chair

Killer huck-wild zones off the Peaky.

- Rises to top of Whistler Mountain at 7,160 feet

- Opened in 1986, made high speed quad in 1998

- This chair is what made Whistler the largest alpine ski area in North America

- From the top of this chair you can ski 4,978 vertical feet

- 401 meters (1,316 feet) of elevation gain

- Access to Whistler’s legendary alpine terrain

“You might be a lift line hero for the day…or an internet sensation for the year.  It’s the only place that you can watch the circus, then join in 5 minutes later.” Eliel Hindert

- Video of skiing the Peak Chair at Whistler


#8 Snowbird Tram – Snowbird, Utah

the tram at snowbirdGrabbin’ an old school box at Snowbird on a happy pow day is pure 3,000 foot joy.

- Opened in 1971

- Travels from 7,760 feet to 11,000 feet in 10 minutes to top of Hidden Peak

- 3,240 vertical foot runs

- Access to 2,500 acres

- Mountain averages 500” per year

- “The Tram is the best lift in the world because you get all the goodness of Snowbird all from one lift. You can access almost the entire mountain and ski 3-4 times as much steep terrain in one run as you can at Squaw Valley. Plus it really doesn’t smell as bad as people say”Daryn Edmunds

-Video of skiing the Snowbird Tram



big sky lone peak tramThe tube at Big Sky only fits 15, but everyone gets a view…

- Opened in 1995

- Travels to top of Lone Mountain at 11,166 feet.

- 15 minute ride that climbs 1,450 vertical feet

- Carries 15 passengers

- 3,640 vertical foot run

- Option to ski rowdy terrain in the A-Z chutes

- The mountain averages 400” per year

- “One of the special things about Big Sky and Lone Peak is the terrain they let you access, it’s very European.  They give you ample opportunity to get into whatever you wanna try to ride.”Erik Morrison

- Video of riding the Lone Peak Tram

#10 SINGLE CHAIR – Mad River Glen, Vermont

mad river glen’s single chairThe infamous Single Char at Mad River Glen.  It’s a true American skiing experience.

- Here’s one for you, my East Coast brethren, we know how much you love this chair

- The Single Chair is the fastest fixed-grip chairlift in the United States of America

- 9.7 – 12 minutes to top

- Has its own beer named after it:  Single Chair Ale brewed by Magic Hat Brewing Co.

- “The best thing about the Single Chair is being able to pick your nose in private.”Confucius

- Video of the Single Chair history

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    • MartynGB says:

      I don’t think its still there but for a 2 seater the lift at Red Mountain is pretty damn high at oen point, pine tress look like garden shrubs at the high point.
      Is broken down too there was a thin string attached to the lift. In an emergency you had to tie the string to the lift and throw it down. They would then have you haul up your own harness through a loop on the chair. That is the harness they lower you down on!

    • td says:

      My friends, I think you are all forgetting the Klein Mattehorn, the highest in the world at 12,500 above sea level, with at times more than a 1000 feet between the cabin and the glacier below, and with a more than 7200 foot vertical drop run back to the chocolate box drawing village.

    • Anonymous says:

      HAHA. Vermont.. good one guys.

  1. Jared Vincent says:

    How about the Silverton Double? That thing is bad ass…

  2. hahahahha says:

    failed quote for whistler…..squaw has the same and most likely better view of sick, gnarl, fugorical terrain with a shredding skiier base…..


  3. The Best Skier Ever says:

    KT-22 is wayyyyyyyy overrated, kick that off the list, move up the snowbird tram which should be much higher, and then stick the mammoth gondola on there

  4. Brian the Zealot says:

    Great list, but:

    1. Snowbird Tram deserves a higher spot on the list. It is a righteous lift, taking you up a righteous mountain covered by the BEST snow.
    2. I would add the OLD Squaw Valley Gondola because it is the only lift I have confirmation of full blown sexual activity on a lift.
    3. I would also add the old ski school rope tow at Brianhead, UT, because that was my first lift ride, the most important in my life.
    4. I would lower the ranking of the Whistler Peak Chair…not a bad ride, but the terrain is not as good as anything else on your list

    • jeff williams says:

      I worked at the heavenly gondola and can confirm lots of sexual activity on board it so no doubt shenanigans went down at squaw…the ganjola has no place on this list but there’s some epic trees in firebreak, a-bowl, & e bowl plus green passable lifties that let you hop off at mid deck…

  5. Wilson says:

    That’s an amazing list. All time.
    I know I’m a little bias being an Eastsider and all… but I think Chair 23 and the Panorama Gondola at Mammoth should be a contender or an honorable mention on this list. 3,100 vertical feet and almost 60FT of snow last season is pretty hard to dismiss.

  6. Gapers Go Home says:

    Great to see the Mad River single on there… My best friend is from VT, and has nothing but amazing things to say about The Glen… And Magic Hat.

  7. ScottCL says:

    Chair 2 Alpental…

  8. yo says:

    I’d take Summit at Alpine over KT. You can ski everything from the Buttress to Twin Peaks off one lift.

    • squaw shred says:

      thats good. you stay at summit and when your ready to ski KT, come on over any actually challenge yourself on parts where not many people can ski haha. but staying over at alpine leaves more fresh pow for us. os stay over there

  9. Hrindo says:

    Its a squaw site, of course KT will be listed. Its not bad, but Millicent chair @ Brighton, UT when it was a double with a bar in the middle of the chair before they turned it into a high speed quad, should def be on that list.

    But…i got 4 out of 10. Not terrible

  10. TMax says:

    The Bird is #8? Have you ever had a post inter-lodge day, with the canyon is still closed? It is a beautiful thing when you can ride blue tram in the morning, & red tram in the afternoon…

    • Kyler says:

      Snowbird deserves a higher rating than #8. 3000 vertical, 500+ inches of powder, and access to all terrain at Snowbird. I will however say as a whole if you were to rank all Snowbird lifts, I wouldn’t have the tram on top. I would give the combination of Gad-Zoom to Little Cloud as the #1 lifts. If the canyon is open expect a 30+ minute wait for the tram, some days even longer.

    • Todd in JH says:

      I would rather ride ride red trams all day long. I’ll give you a hint, they have a cowboy on it & & play loud music all the time.

  11. Duster Bouglas says:


  12. Guesty says:

    come on you cant miss out helbronner lift courmayeur italy

  13. Haggis says:

    Nice list, but just want to point out, being from Nendaz, that is next to Verbier, Nendaz actually owns half the top of Mont Fort, and if you want to get there before Verbier Residents, then you have to come and stay here! The cheaper place to stay for accessing the best backcountry, also, Nendaz has the best tree skiing of the 4 Valleys!!

  14. Schober says:

    I do miss the Schindlergratbahn, St Anton am Arlberg, Austria on that lift. Sick terrain on three sides, acces to two massive bowls. More than 1900 vertical feet – back at the top in 10 min.
    This is one of them: https://homepages.fhv.at/ku/karl/images/SchindlergratApril14.06.jpg

    here is below the lift:


    • Volkl Tetons says:


      Thanks for a great ski vaca memory from years ago. I recall a sketchy ultra-windy double chair at St. Anton if memory serves.

    • Drewski says:

      This is a great lift indeed. Skied incredible waist deep laps off it last year when the overnight report was 1cm.

      Beats the hell out of that POS beercan at the Big Lie.

  15. maira says:

    marte es increible!!!!!!
    nos da acceso a esquiar por muchisimos lugares increibles, sin tener q caminar!!!!!
    deberian conocer las leñas, sobre todo si son amantes del freeride!!!!

  16. Thanks for the props – as the old saying goes; “It’s the company you keep”!

  17. I am the Marketing Director for MRG – home of the famous Single Chair! –
    Just want to make sure no one was confused by my previous post!

  18. MidStation SingleChair says:

    The Single is the only chairlift in the lower 48 that you can upload from a midstation and ski only the top of the mountain. It gets you to some of the most challenging lift accessible terrain in the east.

    Hey Duster Bougless: You are a snowboarder I presume? You’re such a *brilliant writer.* From all of us who work at Mad River Glen, POACH IT IF YOU CAN or keep your shitty vibe at some other resort.

    • Daryn Edmunds says:

      You can do the same mid station loading at Alta, UT on the Collins Quad. It is never a god idea until the spring time. Ski to the bottom it is better for you.

      • Southern skier says:

        You can also get on the cataloochee NC midstation double chair and lap like 350 vertical. Mid station loading at sugarloaf (snubber triple) too.

    • heckler says:

      Only chairlift to load at mid station? I guess chair one at mt baker don’t count?
      Duster is right…
      If i want to ride a single I will go to Krakta Ridge.

    • Chuck u. Farley says:

      Palmer lift at T-Line is mid loading too.

      • MadPatSki says:

        didn’t Palmer/Baker2, etc were a singles. :P

        MIdstation never said it was the only chair with midloading, just that it was awesome. No trouble with that. I’m 8 out of 10 on that list (LaGrave was ridden this summer. but without skis – missing Squaw and Verbier).

        A great collection…

        • Duster Bouglas says:

          You must not be able to read. Here I will quote his words.
          MidStation SingleChair wrote: “The Single is the only chairlift in the lower 48 that you can upload from a midstation and ski only the top of the mountain.

          Maybe he meant to say that the single is the only SINGLE in the lower 48 that you can upload from a midstation and ski only the top of the mountain. I don’t know or care.

      • zskibum says:

        Collins at Alta mid loads

    • Duster Bouglas says:

      Yep, I’m a snowboarder you guess it. WINNER!
      As far as being a brilliant writer, Thanks! Got to dodge the word filter any way you can.
      You can have your crappy little mountain. I wouldn’t even waste my time trying to poach that little mole hill you have there.

    • Kyler says:

      There is a lift at Alta, UT that you can upload and unload from the Mid-Station.

  19. Tiia says:

    I would drop the big sky tram. the skiing/terrain ain’t that sweet, only on a good day, at which point the line is probably over an hour long….. there are many more mind blowing trams in Europe for sure :)

    now, it they had put a simple T-bar there instead, now THAT would be amazing…

  20. Adolf Oliverbush says:

    The Whistler Peak Chair should be switched to the Blackcomb Glacier chair. Far more BC access, back bowl access, and more vertical….
    The Peak Chair is more “visually appealing,” but leaves no terrain for the imagination like the Glacier Express…..

  21. Lone Peak Lover says:

    There’s nothing like the Lone Peak Tram. When you get out at the top, you have the whole peak to yourself.

  22. Roby says:

    Great presentation, we all love Marte lift down here in Mendoza,Argentina (except during windy days…)

  23. john stage says:

    no mammoth?

  24. Lift squared says:

    I would say for this list, it’s remiss not to include the Funitel. Techno marvel, lots of vertical, access to tons of terrain, runs in high wind, and it’s fast! One of Alex Cushings best accomplishments. KT??? For this list, no way.

    • Adolf Oliverbush says:

      are you on crack? this isnt modern marvels!

      • Money talks says:

        oh, i thought it was! The funitel is an awesome lift. combo of funicular and telefrique and loads 25 skiers up 2000 feet in11 min to access lots of variable terrain. take it eaasy aggro boy…

  25. Collins says:

    Have been to Chamonix and to the top of the Aguille Du Midi a number of times, Skiing is whatever you make it to be there. Glacier skiing. The vertical is astounding. When you walk across the cat walk and look down 9,000′, you can;t help but be humbled. The scenery is wonderful. A bottle of wine in the rucksack and a couple of sandwiches, good for the whole day. Take the last cog train into town. Great experience.

  26. RunawayJim says:

    How about the Cannon Mountain tram? It was the first aerial tramway built in North America and currently carries 70 passengers up 2100′ of vertical in about 12 minutes.

  27. Jeremy says:

    I love the Single Chair shoutout – representing the roots of the sport we love!

  28. J Osgood says:

    what about mammoth chairs???

  29. Mayday says:

    6 of the best in North America…..not a chance

    Wengen train?
    The new 3S tri cable going in at Sochi( fuck , they are going to put cars in the thing)

    After spending 17 yrs in Whistler I don’t think any lift from here should be on the list.
    Maybe the Kicking Horse Gondola could make the top 20.(12 min, just under 4000′)

  30. Travis Ganong says:

    For the quality of the terrain, the direct access, and the number of pro skiers who choose to live there because of it (not to mention the pro skiers from the past who made freeskiing, big mountain skiing, and racing what it is today for all of you to devote your lives too….. ) KT-22 is one of the best lifts/terrain in the world. Anywhere with that much steep, cliffed out, and spined terrain (that got 810 inches of snow last season) should be way up there on the list. Mammoth doesnt count. Its so damn flat it hurts and when they get 60 feet in a winter everything ramps out and gets flatter.. painful! Snowbird is sick, whistler has some great terrain, Revelstoke is amazing, and europe can be great. The mountains there are huge, but the snow is the issue. Imagine some places in europe blanketed with 810 inches of Tahoe snow… game over. Until then, Squaw’s KT-22 has a definite spot in the top 10.

  31. Chris Conway says:

    Nice collection but what about the triple nutcracker rope tows at Craigieburn in New Zealand. The biggest, steepest and most radical terrain you will ever ride a rope tow to get to. Definitely not for beginners and super low environmental impact too.

  32. Cal says:

    Have you seen the “Cliffy” chair in Glencoe resort, Scotland. That’s the meanest lift around.

  33. max says:

    the author forgot the matterhorn express the new 8 seats gondola leaving from zermatt to trockner steg 2.850 meters with 3 intermediated stops and the unforgettable view of the best mountain in the world HM matterhorn .

  34. Loose Nut says:

    I’d forgotten ll about Scot Schmidt’s “Game of Death” fullsuit. Classic.

  35. ed says:

    a kt storm day shared with 40-50 people is one of the truly great experiences one can have. oh wait that doesnt happen anymore, take it off the list. good thing i got two legs which will take me anywhere i wanna go.

  36. Will says:

    I live in Big Sky and the Lone Peak Tram is sick but it takes like 5 minutes to ride not 15… it does only carry 15 passengers though

    • Puzzled Lone Peak Tram Rider says:

      And dont forget the part where they say you can access the A-Z chutes lol thats Challenger or headwaters lift

  37. Farmer John says:

    I always loved the south ridge triple at Killington, Vt. I don’t think there’s another chair out there like it.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Alyeska tram?

  39. Dave says:

    You mean the ‘Green Chair” Mt. Washington, B.C., (1034m – 1234m) did’nt make the list? Well, we love it anyway!

  40. bill says:

    squaws rad fur sure, but if snowbird is on there, and big sky, then mammoth def. should be also! hands down!

  41. Blake B says:

    Hey what about Revelstoke it has 5426 vertical feet the most in North America

  42. Jpk says:

    One of the single best chairs in the lower 48 is Challenger chair on Baldy. 3200 vert 10 minute ride and access to some great skiing. Nowhere can you get such cosistant vert. Its fun, fast and well ?

  43. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sick of all this bro-bra! I have put up with this shit for 18 years at JH.
    Get a life!

  44. Bryan says:

    Pretty good list, but the single was added for the novelty, not the terrain. Would add Red Mountain’s Granite Peak Chair, possibly the worlds best lift accessed tree skiing. Gularg India and probably more lifts in Europe could beat out some of these.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Surely the vanoise express is quite an omission?

  46. Malena Xicarts says:


    Bueno, muy bueno el articulo, los felicito Unofficial!… ;-)

  47. gmoney says:

    Hasnt anyone ever heard of Kicking Horse….Hello 4200 vertical ascent in one 8 person gondola! access to 70 plus chutes of real black diamond descents…complete fall line to bottom…access to the the best champagne powder…access ridge after ridge of backcountry and you can ski to the bottom of the lift…25000 acres of skiing….get your facts straight!

  48. Puzzled Lone Peak Tram Rider says:

    So how does one get access to the A-Z chutes from the Lone Peak Tram……HMMM. I mean I live and Ski here, glad Lone Peak Made it in the top ten but your info is a lil off….maybe you should come and ski here and show me the route you take from the tram to the A-Z chutes..lol that stuff is off of The Challenger lift(Big Sky) or Headwaters lift(Moonlight Basin) which also has the longest/fastest high speed detachable 6 person lift in the world….do your home work!

    • MTSucks says:

      Oh, I’m sure you could do it if you really wanted… Just ski over to the Apple Core entrance then climb up and over a few cliff bands along the ridge. Piece of cake!

  49. woodchuck says:

    Roca Jack gets you more steep vert faster than anything, immediate access to a huge amount of terrain at 11,000+ feet with few skiers and the hike-to Super C couloir (among others) above. Some of the world’s best freeskiers and alpine racers are on it in Aug/Sep. Simple, elegant device that rips five up at once – impossible in the U.S. given insurance situation. Best rodeo in town.

    Kurodake tram also worth an honorable mention.

    • Ryan says:

      You gotta have skills to get on the Roca Jack…. not everyone makes it to the top.

      The Lone Peak Tram gives you an incrediable ride to some very rugged terrain. Top 5!

  50. Jonas says:

    When it comes to skiing and ski-lifts, Europe crushes America.
    You can’t even compare the two.
    Europe is wilder, steeper, scarier, bigger, higher, cheaper and A LOT better.

  51. BIRDO says:


  52. Anonymous says:

    Hey Snowbird whiners….
    Stop complaining about the #8 rank for your tram!
    Maybe if Snowbird allowed your tram operators to do the following you would be higher up the list:
    1. Play Music
    2. Give a fun tram speech
    3. Ditch the easiest way down routine during the speech
    4. Play Music

    • Todd in JH says:

      My thoughts exactly. I skied AltaBird for 7 years before Jackson Hole. They always were afraid of upsetting the tourists at Snowbird.

      In Jackson they crank the tunes up to ’11′ on a pow day. Nothing was better than getting first tram with AC/DC, Guns n’ Roses, ‘Danger Zone’, or any other good loud rock tunes then pow all the way down. Oh ya no fun tram speech, they tell gapers/dusters/beaters this is the craziest terrain you’ll ever see & us local view it as everyday life.

      Jackson sucks, tell your friends.

  53. Jumbo says:

    Challenger chair in Sun Valley. Mayday chair in Sun Valley. 2 of the best chairs in North America. Never have to take your skis off.

    • Anonymous says:

      Skied the Mayday chair all day today, with over a foot of powder. My husband is passed out and we both can barely walk we skied so hard today. Thousands of vertical feet in the Bowls, with plenty of fresh turns for all, all day long! Not one lift line, no one pushing and shoving like Squaw Valley. I grew up skiing KT22 and you couldn’t pay me to ski it now. Give me the fixed triple Mayday Chair and the Bowls of Mt Baldy over anything Tahoe has to offer.

  54. Big O says:

    What about:
    -Revelation Gondola
    -Titlis Rotair
    -Le Marais in Tignes
    -Mont Fort in Verbier
    -Gletscherbahn 1, Kaprun, Austria
    -Silverton Lift

  55. Big O says:

    Edit Mont Fort outta there. Jonas, you said it.

  56. Anonymous says:

    What happened to Fun Jumpers?

  57. Tommy Lee says:

    This should just be Top 10 North American Lifts to keep the list clean and then if it was, Chair 5 of the Back Bowls of Vail has to be on the list. Accesses an amazing acreage of perfect pitched powder runs. Extreme terrain, not much, endless linked turns plenty!

  58. MTSucks says:

    I’m gonna give Bridger Bowl’s Schlasman’s lift a nod for lift accessed rowdy terrain… Lots of ways to kill gapers off this lift!

  59. Spirit76 says:

    Really? How can snowbird’s tram possibly be in the top 10 of a world list? Puleeze.
    Ahead of the Matterhorn Express at Zermatt, or the amazing experience of the Le Brevent gondy? Pick any of several trams at Couremeyer in Italy/France, or the Grand Montets tram, or top-to-bottom at Revelstoke, or the El Colorado chair that accesses Santa Teresa high atop the Chilean Andes. There really are no comparisons to be made.
    Where’s the Alyeska Tramway (your vip pass to North Face), or the amazing lifts (plural) at Termas de Chillan, or Chile’s triple at Portillo, or the Kicking Horse gondola in Canada? The list could go on..
    Having skied all of these places, as well as snowbird, it is clear to me this author is either clueless or biased.
    Any one of the areas just listed would rank ahead of snowbird. In truth, if this were a credible article, SB and Squaw couldn’t even make a top 20 list!

  60. Spirit76 says:

    Ok, I withdraw my harsh jab at the author. Admittedly a tad dramatic. After all, the article has provoked some good discussion. And dreaming.

  61. DWiles says:

    Amazing collection but you forgot one: Whistlers Peak-to-Peak Gondola:


  62. jack the sack says:

    quoting yourself… classic squaw valley pompous move

  63. jack the sack says:

    oh and dont forget High Camp for gettin irie

  64. ridiculous says:

    the fact that an east coast chairlift made your top 10 will be the reason I will never return to your site………….are you f____in’ kidding me? I would rather ride Far East chairlift than put self through the misery of an east coast run.

  65. slc local says:

    who gives a fuck about this list. go where you want to ski. its called opinion.

  66. John W says:

    Gold Hill was FORMERLY sick when you could ski down Bear Creek drainage to town. That’s before a jackhole bought a bogus mining claim and blocked access.

    • Mdskier says:

      YES, A legal OB powder run down Bear Creek drainage with 20 inches of blower powder 6 years ago was my all time best run Ever, Anywhere. Nothing else comes close.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Deep Temerity Lift Aspen Highlands

  68. Heckler says:

    Cool! A new and original article.

  69. ian says:

    Silverton has the best lift chair in the US!

  70. Paul Marner says:

    The lift network at Telluride servicing the town and mid mountain lodging shoud earn a spot here please .

  71. Angela says:

    At the other end of the scale New Zealand’s nutcracker tow ropes have to be seen to be believed!

  72. Anonymous says:

    the Lone Peak Tram is not a 15 minute ride its only about 5 minutes

  73. Rooster1 says:

    #2 is la Grave la Meije, la Grave is just the village under the glacier.

  74. fuk KT says:

    Far East at Squaw: high speed 6-pack with ZERO lift lines. Get in 10 scary tree runs in while your friends are still waiting for KT lift line to move.

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    that just doesn’t always get it right. Quicker to produce and available in lower costs, they often feature a lot of complex designs.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Single at MRG should definately be on there. Only single around as far as i know.

  78. Roseann says:

    I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the layout of your site?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.

    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content
    so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot
    of text for only having 1 or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

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  80. just turning says:

    Cham being my home mountain, i’m glad the midi is number 1. Someone said it earlier, how is it that Helbronner in Italy is not on the list and KT on the list?
    I get the squaw influence and the whole ‘you dont like it, dont come’ – no problem! But i would invite you to come check out a place like Cham, even the ‘snow measure’ argument is pointless – its impossible to measure how much snow has fallen in a season, because we are skiing a mountain range, not a resort.
    I check UN once in a while, but man, the euro sites are better.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Glory Ridge chai at Whitewater deserves an honorable mention.

  82. random guy says:

    @Mont Fort:
    1) you don’t have a direct access to bec de rosses from the top of the mont fort gondola. you would till have to go down to col de gentianes (bottom station of the mont fort gondola) or col de la chaux to get to bec de rosses.
    2) yes, you can ski to zermatt form the top of mont fort. but you will have to cross several valleys and glaciers to get there. it’s not a single run from mont fort.
    3) verbier x speed starts a few meters below the top station. quite impressive sound …

  83. Jh tram says:

    the new Jackson Hole tram opened in 2008

  84. wrong says:

    putting an east coast chair on the top ten is a crime.

  85. SirDrinksAlot says:



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