Whistler’s pretty sweet. How many places are there in the world where you can ski/board, bbq, golf, swim, fish, and skate all in the same day? Imagine if you could SURF!

It sounds too good to be true but Beric Pocklington, the business development manager for the Whistler Surf Center is hoping to get approval to build a flow rider style surf set up in Whistler Village to open as soon as 2013!

Hopefully it’s not priced so high that us local snow bum dirtbags won’t be able to enjoy it on a regular basis…

To keep up to date on Beric’s project, check out the Whistler Surf CentreĀ Facebook page here

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  1. WhistlerShred says:

    This is sick! Hopefully it’s not stupid expensive, or you can get a locals pass or something.

  2. tit dirt says:

    so its not going to be indoors? seems pretty dumb to be outside

  3. tornedge says:

    answer to title: Santa Cruz/Tahoe. carpooling of course. I think all this shit is a move in the wrong direction, continuing to add energy guzzling aspects to the already energy hungry sport of skiing. I’ll stick my neck out and say: it all sucks. How much wind and solar was installed at Boreal’s new facility? tow surfing, heli skiing, c’mon, think ahead.


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