Whistler conditions Feb. 21

Today Blackcomb was skied. Mid mountain was in a heavy shroud of fog. The valley was quite moist. The highest lifts like Glacier and Crystal however, experienced fairly clear skiing while the sun struggled to burn through the fog. Visibility was good up high and the snow was holding up; not too heavy to ski, but thick enough to cover up much of the bullet-proof layer beneath.

almost clear up high

Best and Worst of Today:

Fraggle Rock area probably hosted the best turns of the day, and any run within the heavy cloud belt and towards the day’s end was crowded and sketchy.

a bit foggy


5-10 centimeters could fall tonight and tomorrow and temperatures should begin to drop and stay a bit colder throughout the week. Perhaps some noteworthy amounts of snow will fall on Friday and Saturday.

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  1. Yeti says:

    Late afternoon on peak was great! Upper and lower Valentines Day Chutes were sweet. Last peak run down doom and gloom made a so-so day worthwhile.

  2. Chris says:

    Peak was awesome today McConkeys was nice & fresh. Garbo laps tip top early in the morning. Def wasn’t bullet proof anywhere I skied.


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