Reno man followed by a bear near Taylor Creek in South Lake Tahoe.

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  1. Andrew says:


  2. Julia says:

    Love that these MEN are freaked out by a small black bear.

  3. bakerbum says:

    Bears, Elk, deer, take the groomers all the time, it’s easier. He wasn’t following the guy, he was taking the corduroy to his next favorite side stash.

  4. mom says:

    You mean a creek full of spawning salmon has bears near it? With winter coming? Ohh crazy.

  5. Mason says:

    Get out of his way!

  6. Grizzly Adams says:

    Long before the whiteman came west the Black Bear was a food source for the much larger, ferocious Brown Bear. Then man moved westward and he also was a hunter of both species.

    Back east there were no Brown Bears so he was the ruler of his kingdom. Black Bears out east are not to be messed with.

    Out west, we run up behind them and slap them on the ass for fun. PU$$IES

    • East coast man says:

      No even in the east black bears are pretty chill as long as the don’t have cubs you don’t bother them they wont bother you

  7. buddy says:

    “if he break into a run…” then what? we shoot it, right?

  8. backyardskier says:

    No way! There are bears in Tahoe? And they like to eat kokanee salmon when they spawn in Taylor Creek every fall? This is just a bear being a bear. And yes a small bear. When people freak out about bears, the bear usually freaks out too, these people did just fine keeping there cool. Smoky was just cruzin’ through…

  9. You suck Reno says:

    Go back to Reno and stay away from Tahoe

    • brokeloke says:

      bro, you’re so loc…

    • Anonymous says:

      Ya, people from Reno have no right being up in Tahoe…especially considering the majority of Tahoe “locals” are transplants. You’re probably the same type of person who hates tourists but has 3 jobs supported by seasonal tourism. Stay agro, bro…

  10. Pete says:

    At the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, there is a similarly-sized Grizzly Bear on display. It was killed by some hard-ass with his bare hands back in the day. Well, to be fair he put the bear in a sleeper hold, then beat it to death with a stick. I just wanted to point out that the bear ‘possibly’ avoided an ass-whippin’. Google “million dollar cowboy bar bear” to see is picture of the commemorative plaque.

  11. Allgood says:

    A bear doing its thang! Let em be and realize that ya, they are around SLT. They will def follow on the groomers. That’s all. Be careful of the wildlife and enjoy what is …. Is!

  12. Backyardskier says:

    Are you surre about that?

  13. walkin says:

    playing chase, thats really goin to keep you gapes safe

  14. jim says:

    the best way to avoid bears it to plaster your hair with peanut butter. they can’t stand the smell of that stuff. works every time. bacon grease will do in a pinch if you don’t have any peanut butter.

  15. Anonymous says:

    How about a pancake with honey. And peanut butter

  16. Ray Parker says:

    How about a pancake with honey on the head

  17. jim says:

    roll in honey then cover yourself in pancakes, bacon and peanut butter. you can’t be too careful, you need to cover all bases with wilderness safety.

    also most people don’t realize that most bears are lactose intollerant. always, always carry a spray bottle full of whole milk.

  18. Buck Furton says:

    Back in October I rode the Flume trail twice on separate weekends. Both times on the way to Marlette Lake there was a bear just like this one. Just chilling digging for grubs, and doing his bear thing, as hikers, an bicyclists when by. No one got nervous, the bear didn’t even care.

    People that are scared of black bears don’t understand the species. Black bears aren’t interested in humans. They’re non-aggressive scavengers, they eat mostly plants, and bugs. They’re not predatory animals, and they won’t attack people unless they’re extremely provoked. There hasn’t been one single fatal black bear attack in California/Nevada in the last 110+ years.


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