Karl Meltzer is one of the top ultra runners in the world. He routinely runs 50+ miles and has won the Wasatch 100 race a number of times in the last 15 years. Karl just missed breaking the fastest time ever on the Appalachian Trail a couple summers ago. So what does Karl do in the Winter when the mountains that he normally runs in are filled with snow?  He builds a super sick sledding track/luge run with his friends and sessions it of course. Nice work Karl, this thing looks fun as hell!

Wasatch Luge

Hot Sledding action starts at 1:22.

Video and words below: Tom Martens

Handmade sledding luge in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. It takes a good effort and many hours to maintain the track. The creator, Karl Meltzer uses it as off-season training for his typical Ultrarunning career. Many friends and some strangers have helped work on and have enjoyed this track. Stay safe and have fun.


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  1. powdaboy says:

    So rad!

  2. ryan says:

    Sickter. Looks like some dedication.


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