wake and bakery
Rebecca making the best shots around

No ski day is complete without getting a cup of joe at the wake’n bakery in Glacier.  Just located behind milano’s off the main drag in Glacier it’s new location offers much needed space and clean design.  With a penchant for detail the new location has many different hands in the mix that came together to make this a special place.  This is the first part of a 2 part series on the Wake n’Bakery.  The 2nd part will focus on the local craftsmanship, artistry, and new construction of the new location.

wake bakery bannerStarted in 2004 outside Glacier Ski shop with an espresso machine and a whole lot of courage and gusto.  Wake n’ Bakery got off the ground running shortly after the two business owners got married.   Court and Rebecca spent 2 years working outside the ski shop, 2 years inside the ski shop, and 1 year outside the new location during constuction and renovations.  Talking to Rebecca about those early days she recalls, “I don’t remember much, we got married and then we started a business and everything followed, and here we are.”  Well, a ton of hard work, building good relationships with locals, and the best coffee on 542 Rebecaa laughed fondly about her early days and how far it’s come.

A review written by: Seattle Sun from http://www.yelp.com/biz/wake-n-bakery-glacier

The espresso is great, even by Seattle standards.  Such a relief when you’re out in the boondocks.  And the homemade baked goods (my vice of choice) are to die for.  My favorite is the Orange Cookie with Cardamom Icing and my husband’s is the Chocolate-dipped macaroon.  They’ve got chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate chip cookies with lemon zest (yum!), peanut butter cookies, hemp cookies, savory scones, etc.  They also have some fun locally-made tshirts, sweatshirts, ceramics, and other merchandise.

Whether you need a pick me up in the AM/PM or a baked good for the mountain, the scones, blueberry cake/bar, and nut bars will keep you charging wherever you may roam.  Not to mention a sweet little fireplace and Wake n’ Bakery hoodies and t-shirts.

Court and Rebecca. Owners of Wake n Bakery Glacier, WA

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for part 2 of the Wake n Bakery Business review with extended photos, video, and an ode to the skilled craftsman that helped create the new space for the Wake n Bakery.

wake and bakery

wake and bakery



We have moved to our new location, just 1 block off the
Mt. Baker Highway, behind Milano’s:

6903 Bourne St.
Glacier, WA

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