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The guys at VuVantage have come up with a great new system for capturing yourself in action using your GoPro or other POV camera.

Here is the better YouTube link that I couldn’t get to work in our player:

If you are sick of helmet cam like 96% of the rest of us the VuVantage might just be the ticket to more exciting videos in the future. It uses a unique backback mount and an extended arm with ball joints to allow for a third person perspective shot from the first person without the help of another person. Wow! That was confusing to write. The VuVantage was also built with safety in mind which is also explained in the video.

Check out this long and boring, but very educational video to learn more. They are doing a Kickstarter for this product at: and have already nearly doubled their goal of raising $4000.  If you pledge $125 or more you will get one of the first VuVantage setups produced. I have a feeling they will sell for about double that after.

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  1. 710 says:

    looks a little unstable on the backpack mount still

  2. SkierMan says:

    gopro footy is getting old..

  3. Cake says:

    Perfect! Until you backslap a 30ft cliff.

  4. BoGnar says:

    More lame shots of gapers. Yeah!!
    I feel that anyone getting rad would rip this junk rite off their back. Not tree branch friendly

  5. K says:

    You look like an ass with that on.

  6. FlowingAlpy says:

    I agree, gopro is getting lame

  7. john says:

    It’s a cool product. There’s also a new 360 degree helmet mount currently on Kickstarter called the “GoSwivel360.” I’m excited to see how it does. The perspective these camera mounts provide are almost surreal!

    • sleepy says:

      no need to wait for this project, if you are not professionnal and don’t want to spend to much for this kind of accessory, the GoSpin360 swivel mount is already on the market and you can also Do It Yourself : all explanations are available on their website http:\\

      • John says:

        Hi Sleepy,

        Thanks for the link about the gospin. I saw this as well but find it looks way more crude than the GoSwivel and is limited in features. I really like the safety breakaway feature that the GoSwivel offers. I do a lot of dirtbike riding and getting this kind of mount caught on something could really do some damage to your neck. This breakaway feature adds a level of safety into the mix. I find the price of the GoSwivel to be fairly friendly considering its features. Shoot. I spent $400 on the hero3 black and almost $50 for the chest harness. $150 for a cool ready to go swivel mount is not asking too much. My opinion at least :)


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