Yesterday was Day 1 of the FWT Qualifier at Moonlight Basin, Montana. Judging from this clip it looks like these skiers put on one hell of a show! Even if the snow is a little sketchy, the Headwaters Venue looks rad and given a chance to send it to steep landings in a comp like this you can always count on some impressive hucks. Olglivie came up a little short on a large air but the stomp on rock was damn impressive, even if it looked like it surprised him as much as the judges.

For a “qualifying event” the bar was pretty high. The top 5 men and top 3 women from this event will get a green light into the North American Freeskiing Championships coming up at Kirkwood, CA April 4th-9th.

Day 1 Results:


FWT Qualifier D1 Women Moonlight Basin 2012


FWT Qualifier D1 Women cut off Moonlight Basin


FWT Qualifier D1 Men Moonlight Basin


FWT Qualifier D1 Men Cuttoff Moonlight Basin

A look at the Day 2 Venue below:

day two venue Moonlight Basin

FWT Qualifier Moonlight Basin Day 2 Venue


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  1. David Saputo says:

    This place was going off yesterday! Big lines great venue….I took one of the hardest falls I have had in a long time yesterday! The finals are going to be insane today!

  2. in spired says:

    I don’t think Ogilvie meant to do that – got lucky – but hey, pulled it out like a champ. Props!

  3. sugarbowler says:

    anyone else notice the difference between mens and womens lines?
    anyway, everyone was shredding super hard, nice job everyone

  4. secret admirer says:

    Jk you crashed?!

  5. Tim & Diane Mueller says:



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