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If there’s anything that helmet cams have proven they’re good for this year it’s capturing on mountain confrontation/douchebagery. We have another winner. Perhaps not as epic as the “Snowbasin Ski Patroller,” but nonetheless funny. The scenario: powder day at Alta and the Wildcat Lift (a double). Mr. POV is trying to access the singles line (although it looks like he’s trying to snake the entire line). Angry Alta enforcer steps out of the regular line and lays down a top-sheet stomp. Who wins? In reality, neither of them…but I kinda feel like we all won.


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  1. heckler says:

    TOO many dudes, dude

    • C'MON MAN says:

      To the pussy that put this online…. Do you have any video of you shredding the gnar?? Or do you only have a video of yourself trying to cut a line only to be made someone’s bitch??? You knew you were being a piece of shit by cutting the whole line! Props to the guy who shut you down!! good job making him out to be a d-bag when you are the small dick line cutter.

    • Daryn says:

      Feel free to send over any of your edits and I will post them on Unofficial. I saw this video of the guy trying to cut the line and getting roughed up verbally and physically by the other guy in line. I am 100% in agreement with the guy in the line that had an issue with this guy elbowing his way into the front of the line. If I saw someone trying to cut the line on a pow day I would treat them exactly the same. Trying to play stupid to cut over 100 people that are waiting on the line is lame and should be met with a harsh response. Respect gets respect….

  2. T Lym says:

    What a Snake!

  3. get what you get says:

    i think u kind of deserved what u got, that was a pretty blatant snake on that line, no friends on a pow day remember!!

  4. anonymous idiot says:

    Haha! his name is mitch CUMSTAIN

  5. I am in ski school says:

    Dear mr. High and mighty public enforcer: you totally deserve to be exposed as a douche on this site. Thanks: your fellow ski school line user/abuser

  6. Charles says:

    Your grammar is atrocious. Please don’t breed.

  7. This dude with the gopro was completely in the wrong. I was loading chairs while this was happening and basically this kid works at Watsons and thinks he is entitled to go through the ski school/ski patrol line. Unfortunately for him he is an absolute beater and has no respect from lift crew and apparently the public. Props to the guy that stopped him.

    • Hates Lifties says:

      Put some signs up and enforce that shit if it’s a patrol line. Why do all the morons that ski the cat track ski right into that line? Why doesn’t anyone give anybody else shit about skiing in that line any other day? Don’t talk shit about your co-workers and do your goddamn job and control the lift lines instead of standing around letting people mob scene.

      • Daryl says:

        Whoa dude, I’m that guy, no need to flame on the lifties because they have an opinion on the matter. I however didn’t know that was a patrol line because I don’t work the lifts, I ski with the public and I am not trained on what lines are for what people at each lift station, I just follow the signs, maybe I will post a follow up video showing me ski into the lift station.

        • Lauren says:

          If this isn’t your first winte rat Alta, which its not, your clearly just being a douche, but rock on because, douches run ski areas

    • shred says:


  8. Sean says:

    Douche with the tele tubby on his helmut sucks at life.

    Loved the reverse head-but

  9. the man says:

    No such thing as a walk on singles line for a double chair anywhere in America. Glad somebody has the balls (& a large enough penis) to stand up to jackwagons that think this is some kind of Europe come as you are free for all. Good job with a go pro confirming YOU SUCK AT LIFE

  10. fightin irish says:

    Thats grounds for a fist to that guys jaw for stepping all over his skis. I ask where the go pro owners nuts have gone??

  11. brian says:

    i want to side with the enforcer on this one. standing up for all the snake victims, laying down a mean topsheet stomp, and throwing in a reverse headbutt that was juusssst casual enough that he could deny it

    snaking a line like that on a powder day is grounds for public execution via ski pole impalement. in my opinion.

  12. muddy buddy says:

    I don’t know why this guy would post this. He makes himself to be the douche. I for one am backing the aggro guy.

  13. Drilly says:

    Everyone knows where the end of the line is! Guy was right, wait your turn…

  14. FYI says:

    Fyi there is no singles line on the kitty

  15. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of a small wiener…not only do you apparently ski with another man but who the hell has a GoPro on in the lift line?

  16. brian says:

    call me crazy, but isnt the concept of a singles line on a double chair impossible? its not like a quad where there are groups of 2 or 3 that need singles…. its just pairs. if you were on the singles line, what would you be waiting for? another single person who went in the doubles line by mistake? or would you just be in a line of lonely people that are forced to double up with other lonely people, thus becoming a doubles line?

    so deep…..

    • Ian says:

      You pretty much hit it on the head. We have a double chair with a singles line on Mt. Hood and that’s pretty much what happens is the singles have to wait for a single who jumped in the regular line. Pretty silly.

  17. shredmaster says:

    I can see why this guy got upset but he is completely out of line. I give you props for not laying him out when he stomped on your bents. If that guy stomped on my bents I think we would have been fighting. What a douche!

  18. Radder Than You says:

    If any one ever stepped on my Chetlers like that, (Or anything other than my rock skis for that matter) I would click out in a heartbeat and show him how it feels to be embarrassed…

  19. Jon says:

    “everyone else is doing it”……so that makes you right? looked like you were cutting to me. I heard plenty of other people yelling at you to get in the back of the line as well, maybe you should have made this video about yourself.

  20. CO says:

    welp this guy is a dickhead, but hey i used to do shit like that on powder days in summit county. He froze though as soon as the guy started calling him out, should just skied into the line and ingnored him. Gotta be confident in your douchebaggery

  21. Kevin Moynihan says:

    Greatest snow on earth?…keep it.

  22. sicker than GSA says:

    Clearly the enforcer is on drugs. No one wears that dark of lenses on a cloudy day. No one.

  23. Skittle says:

    Video removed by the user…hahahaha

  24. Travis says:

    I was totally on the guy with the GoPros side, until I heard it was a double chair… Nobody in their right mind would try and work the “this is the singles line” on a double chair.

  25. Dbag enforcer says:

    The only thing I would have done differently would punch the guy in the nugget for cutting. Then I would high 5 the guy who was busting on the punk. Why is everybody sticking up for the line cutting douche!

  26. Still Bummed on Utah says:

    People in Utah suck. Do you guys have any fun on pow days? Or are you all only concerned with what other people are doing and that you get the “most” pow??? I hear “no friends on a pow day” more when I’m in Utah than anywhere else. Damn. Glad I live where I’m allowed to ride with my friends on pow days. And if someone tries to get on the lift before me… It’s ok. Bigger tragedies in the world people. Just ride and have some fun. Shhheeeiit.

    • Haha says:


    • Dbag enforcer says:

      I wish you were standing next to me so I could kooter punch you. You are truly the biggest d-bag on this site. I so want to hurt you!!!!!!

    • Dbag enforcer says:

      One more thing, you are a vag!!!!!!!

    • diesel says:

      i totally agree with you. people in utah have a giant avy cannon stuck up their ass on good days that fires intermittently throughout the day. you guys are truly the pussies that pay all that money and act like miserable shits. drink a beer, take a shot, or smoke a joint – you people truly need some of that to enjoy yourselves. especially fat man helmet head enforcer. if you skied over my skis like that id be unclicked in a second and banned from alta within a minute..itd be worth it though.

  27. My stash stays untouched says:

    Video was removed before I got to watch it, however, I will say that if you are a true local, you have YOUR stash where most won’t go. I know I have mine. When getting on a lift should you be loving that the snow is good enough for you to not want to hike. Our storm has come and gone and now that the weekend is here, the tourons can have the tracked out lines that I have left them while I go hike on Berthoud. Enjoy what you have because the season has been subpar for most.

    In short, take a breath and quit taking this shit so seriously and try to have a little fun than getting all agro on the mountain.

  28. Shredding Utah All Day Ery Day says:

    No see you just don’t understand. No friends on pow days.

  29. Ways the big deal? says:

    Deal with this shit in the JH tram on pow days! But in this situation I would have knock the enforcer out. Not sure about the signage, which makes it hard to make a judgement.
    And there is such thing as a single in a double chair line. If you are skiing by yourself and you ski up to a double chair, your are a single in a doubles line.

    This weekend while I’m down at alta, I’m going to punch that enforcer right in the face just for running over a pair of ” bents”.

  30. Daryl says:

    Here’s the video now that it’s back up. I also included a little section so you can see the line wasn’t signed as Patrol/Ski School or any crap like that:

    • kp says:

      Get in the back of the line douchebag.

      Did you not notice the 100people in it?

      Fuckin moron. I’da headbutted him too.

    • Jon says:

      Bud, you know you tried to cut in front of a ton of people. a “first year local” like yourself should know what is and is not a ski school line. Don’t play dumb; its not necessary.

    • Scoop says:

      Your video, complete with view of 100 foot line that you are cutting into, confirms that you are either extremely stupid or 110% douche-bag. Which is it?

      I feel sorry that you just can’t suck it up and move on. Now you posted your skulduggery for all the world to see. Props to the enforcer.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Well if there wasn’t a ski school sign it appears he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Also the guy yelling is being a massive douche. I probably would have socked him in the nose. He could have resolved the problem in a lot better way than “fuck you bro get in the back of the line, you suck at life.”

  32. alex says:

    daryl- You are fucking moron. And if you expect to do cut the lift line on a powder day and not get called, you are also a fucking idiot. If you try to do that crap at Squaw on a powder day, you will get kicked out of the line in no time (and forget about stomping on the skis, people do it in lift line anyway and nobody gives a crap, these are just skis, pussy).

    And, by the way, “Everyone is doing it” lame shit is so third grade…

    • diesel says:

      squaw is a joke right now. which powder day are u talking about? the 1st or 2nd? you talk a big game but i you wouldnt do shit..just face the facts. you have a girls name and a tiny penis. you talk about squaw to try and boost your terribly low self esteem.

      • white riot says:

        hey tony tough nuts that avy cannon you were talking about is firing right through your own ass and into this thread so take a seat there buckshot.

      • Andy says:

        Where u from diesel?? Go back to the east and bring your shitty attitude with you!

      • West Coast says:

        Hey diesel, talking sh*t on the internet is like running in the special Olympics, congrats.

      • Squallywood says:

        Diesel, I guess you have total control over the weather in Utah to be able to make a comment about Squaw having 2 powder days this year, like that’s what we wanted…

        Personally i have seen fist fights and people taking people skis and tossing them over the fence in the KT line for shit like this. That shit doesn’t fly at Squaw. If this happened at Squaw 99% of the line would chase him back to his car. The guy was totally trying to cut the line who cares if no sign was up, wait your turn like everyone else!

        • kir says:

          everyone snakes lines at squaw you just have to be sneakier that the whiners….long live the KT shuffle!

      • Skittle (Alex) says:

        Alex is a unisex name so fuck you.

  33. Ian says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t want either one of these guys on my home mountain. Cutting line is not cool. Stepping on someones skis, even if they’re a douche is not cool. People just need to chill out and enjoy the fact that they’re on the mountain.

  34. brian says:

    for the record, alta’s less pretentious next door neighbor also had an epic pow day, and so far no reports of raging cunt’s battling it out on lift lines. just lots of smiles. utah might have a lot of weird stereotypes, and theyre mostly spot on, but douchebags like the people in this video exist everywhere. werent we just watching a video of the exact same “gopro wearing whiny punk douche kid pisses off overly aggressive violent douche middle aged man” video a couple weeks ago from whistler? theyre everywhere. ski around them and have fun.

    • Daryl says:

      Agreed, It was a poor performance on both our parts. I just refused to get physical, I value my freedom.

    • stihletto says:

      notice the contradictory nature of your post. “douchebags ” “exist everywhere,” but of course at your “less pretentious” resort there were no “raging cunts” battling out.

  35. norcal4ever says:

    are those next years goggles?

  36. Adam Macer says:

    Are you fuckin kidding?.. You think that’s ok?.. Even if it were a singles line you don’t just start edging in – you wait for an opening.. The performance was only poor on your part – you’ve clearly got no respect nor regard for your fellow fair-playing man. Amazed you ever posted it and have now reposted..

  37. Alta Marketing Director says:

    Dear Guests,

    There is no singles line at the Wildcat Chair.

    Alta MGMT

  38. Beans says:

    Sign or no sign, when you see a long line of people waiting for a chair, it’s usually because that’s the fucking line to get on the lift and not because they’re having a pre-pow circle jerk.

  39. Rocko says:

    I love some Alta, but both of these dickheads seem to always be around the lift line every time I visit…

  40. Bum says:

    This is why ALTA blows, rich ass skier fucks who think they ride at a private mountain.

    • BP says:

      Hey dumdum,
      Alta is one of the dirtbag ski bum capitals of the world. no rich deer valley assholes around here! Most of the time it is a private mountain, nobody rides during the week, except for this year because we are all pow deprived. Have fun riding someplace shitty,

  41. Andy H says:

    This is such amatuer shit.

    Come to Squaw and learn some advanced lift lineing tequnique.

    1). If you are going to cut the line you need to be a little more technical.
    2). If you are intentially cut the line and you get called out spare everyone the excuses. Just keep going. Most of the time it works, sometimes it fails epically.
    3). European rules should always be in effect on powder days.
    4). Snakeing the line= acceptable. Cutting the line = not acceptable.
    5). This guy tries to cut the line and the other guy steps on his skis?
    At Squaw getting your skis stepped on is just an average part of the line experience.

    I was always under the impression that Alta was home to pro powder skiers, you guys need to step it up.

    • dale who skis at alta says:

      we are the best skiers in the nation.
      PS- the only people i see try to go through that side line when there is a full maze are gapers
      PSS- u should have said watch the top sheets bro

      • JDAWG says:

        Removing all doubt tale Dale, that we are all better than you.

        p.ISS on you- the Name thing is for a cool name, not DALE

        JDAWGggin YOur Al-tata dumbass

  42. screwdascammers says:

    scammer got whats cummin. Who gives a rats ass if someone walks on your sticks, you ski on the bottom not the top. It messes up their bottoms worse than your tops. If it really bothers you put some 60 grit on there like we did when we were kids.

    This stuff has been happening more and more in the tram line as well and when you call em out they act like their sh$t don’t stink. A couple of those milo chicks like little sahara and her lot are repeat offenders.

  43. Bri says:

    Damn is it nice not having lines or having to deal with agro shit

  44. Does Not Surf says:

    What happened to the rest of the clip where the liftie kicked you to the curb? You work for Alta?? If I were a certain GM who’s name is similar to that of a Hawaiian fish, I would shit can your ass not only for disrespecting the paying customers, but for posting it online. I think you should be pushed off all traverses when spotted by your fellow canyon emps. Ha! Or let us all go into Watson’s and go straight the front of the line and tell everyone you said it was fine. Props to the WAP enforcer for dropping the hammer. It’s always a pleasure to see someone stepping up to defend the honor of those who are patient.

  45. Anonymous says:

    If you talk to shit to someone wearing a gopro, your gonna end up on the internet…

  46. Daryl says:

    First off I didn’t tell MITCH @ unofficalsnowbird that he could rob my video off the forum where I posted it, that’s why I took it down. I meant for this video to be there, not all over, but who really cares. Just bugs me that some silly writer for this site has to poach stories from forum posts like some newbie. Seriously?

    As for somebody saying posting my video on my youtube channel was disrespecting paying customers? This dude works in the canyon and gets his pass as part of his job. Apparently he’s an old LCC relic employee at the P-DOG. Woohoo, big tourist dollars coming in from that guy. Doubt it.

    This is my first season here, holy shit I just started skiing last December, forgive me for not being totally “aware” of all the rules and for being a so called “beater.” Didn’t know all you fancy pants hot shots had special tea party rules for the hill. Thought we were here to shred, no?

    So today I asked 2 different lifties and a few seasoned employees and guess what? That line is a line you can ski into anytime, just NOT on powder days. It is not a singles lane like I thought, but a lane that even doubles can ski into.

    Guess what? We haven’t had any powder days until that day. So I did not know that using that line was “forbidden by the secret laws of LCC Aggro Bros.” I came to this place to ski. If that means that a bunch of other people skiing down the hill want to pole all the way down to the end of a line and miss time skiing instead of using and forming a line in an open, alternating lane, then shame on them. Use the system, don’t let it use you.

    The only reason I stood my ground and acted like an asshole by staying in that line, which mind you, other people that are not Patrol or Ski School (which it is not signed) were using, is because he started to flip out and be asshole and try to tell me something I didn’t believe was the case (I am allowed an opinion based on previous ski days.) I usually don’t respond to assholes because it just furthers their cause. If someone had nicely said “Bro, that line is for when it’s not busy, today there is one line.” Guess what? I wouldn’t have argued. This asshole caused a scene that held the line up more than the 3 seconds me pairing up with that other single in the video would have caused. Blame him for your loss of powder laps.

    Matter a fact, I still went to the end of the line after this all went down and shit got crazy with all the other “powder panic people” starting to scream because this guy gave them the idea that freaking out like 5 year olds is cool.

    I cut the end of the video out where the liftie told me to go back to the end of the line out because she is doing her job and didn’t sign up for all of you to watch her on youtube.

    I think she handled the situation perfectly, she got the asshole who was out of control on the lift and away from the guests. Once he shut up, I was quiet and went about my way to ski pow.

    As for not beating on this guy for physically bullying me…. Do you think I am totally stupid (well maybe?) But, I don’t have the spare change lying around to buy a pass for the rest of the season. I do like the small amount of income that the part-time job I work. I do like not having a criminal record of assault. I also do like skiing at Alta when it’s not full of angry people. All of those things would have instantly vanished if I returned force on this guy and got physical. Not too mention if things did go down, my friend, who skied up during the altercation than would have been obligated to jump in. That would have also affected his life as well.

    Apparently a lot of you condone this guy’s behavior. I’m glad to know that a portion of my fellow sportsmen/women are OKAY with violence and bullying. Hell yeah, that’s awesome, not really, it’s actually kind of disheartening.

    My final take on this situation is that it happened for a reason. Why don’t we turn that reason into diffusing this type of behavior around the slopes. It’s retarded, it’s like we have “Road Rage” when we ski now. What’s up with that?

    I’m not here seeking justification for my behavior. I didn’t even need all of you to see that video in the first place. Felt I would throw my 2 cents in though.

    As for myself, if you wanna be a douche when you see me, if you know who I am, then go ahead. I’m pretty sure that most, if not all, people I interact with think I’m a nice fellow, a good friend and a fun guy to ski with, even if I ski like like a “beater.”

    That is all.

    • get what you get says:

      I think it comes down to this, you tried to snake in line(an you knew you were wrong) got caught and paid the price (getting bitched at is not a steep price), suck it up and move on.

    • You suck says:

      First off you did sound like a little girl in the video and second you got caught so don’t cry about it. I am however glad to see how much you wrote in this post. It’s probably the most you’ve written since you dropped out of high school.

    • Mitch Cumstein says:


      I’m sorry it bothers you that I took your video from the TGR forums. By uploading your video and then posting it to one of the highest traffic ski forums, I assumed your goal was to let your story be heard, and I was just further facilitating that. Never in my original post did I steer the reader toward one side or the other (in fact, I was probably more on your side). In the end, I didn’t condone either party and simply left it up to the viewer to decide.

      I appreciate you taking the time to explain your side of the story, backing up your actions, and further exploring the situation. As an Alta neophyte, I’d encourage you to, as hard as it may be, reconcile with said enforcer. It’s a tight community up the canyon, and regardless of who’s side you take on this argument, everybody can agree with making amends, learning from the experience, and moving on. That will provide you, the other guy, and everybody that’s commented on this far more stoke than an extra powder lap on the kitty.

      Sorry if that was too sappy/hippie, but just wanted to offer my $0.02.

      Happy shredding,


      • Daryl says:

        Well said Mitch. After much consideration I am leaning toward getting the ski karma balance back on axis.

        I’m sure the time will come soon when me and the Enforcer™ have an opportunity to squash this beef. I’ve heard he’s a pretty decent dude that’s just been under a tremendous amount of stress lately.

        I’m sure a video being posted online of him didn’t make his situation any better.

        I will work toward that resolution and hopefully follow up soon.


    • DRZmaui says:

      Your lucky you did’nt pull that attitude surfing in Hawaii. Would have been beaten to a pulp.
      Gotta’ respect da elders. Don’t want to piss off the wrong dude.
      I’m sure your already a marked man with some of the locals.

  47. Brad T. says:

    I think everyone can agree that both parties in this video were being douchebags. End of story.

  48. someone says:

    Oh Alta littered with poop stains

  49. Does Not Surf says:

    Damn right we condone his behavior. If more people were vocal like him you might have learned earlier about that lift line. He sounded pretty calm the first time he pointed out the end of the line, you just agitated the guy with your first year ignorance. It sounds like you have a complete lack of common sense and respect. You’re the guy who drive up the shoulder of the freeway while everyone else is sitting in traffic.

    You said you talked to some lifties about the line and they said you were wrong. The NEXT paragraph you said it doesn’t matter and what you were doing was not only okay, but should be encouraged.

    As far as “relics” go, those guys are STILL in Alta after so many years because people appreciate them. The rest fall by the wayside as I’m sure you will. And yes, people do come back year after year for characters like him. They are fixtures in our community and like it or not they are respected. They too did not sign up to have you put them on the internet.

    Your reasons for not fighting back are ridiculous too. You didn’t fight back because he’s big guy. You weren’t worried about getting arrested, you were worried about getting your ass kicked!

    It’s quite obvious that you’re seeking justification for your behavior. You posted the video in a public forum and did your best to put yourself in the right. You failed miserably. And to rip on Mitch for posting this? Weak sauce. It’s posted as a PUBLIC video. It’s fair game little buddy.

    Good luck with your short career in Alta, beater.

  50. get what you get get says:

    I think it comes down to this, you tried to snake in line(an you knew you were wrong) got caught and paid the price (getting bitched at is not a steep price), suck it up and move on.

  51. Mikeg says:

    So many kooks

  52. West Coast says:

    You say, “if you lay your hands on me one more time” like it’s a threat. In retrospect what were you going to do? Call your mom and tell her some guy was being a big meanie to you?

    Either way this video is awesome because you sound like such a little girl in it. For a second I thought you were going to break down and cry.

  53. Mike honcho says:

    no friends on powder days. that man was just making a good move. if agro man was smart he woulda been doing the same thing

  54. B says:

    Can’t we all agree that neither of them should breed. An asshole is an asshole whether they’re cutting in line or old enough to know better. A grown ass man once tried to fight my friend in front of his kid for cutting him off on the High T… Can’t we all just be a little less “agro” brobrahhhhhh. Fuckin beaters all around.

  55. Gummi Bear says:

    Pleasantly surprised by the entertainment value presented. Loads of ego – obviously, no backbones – no fight?, and also a pretty poor life-line set-up created for better watching than you find on most t.v. shows.

  56. powdaboy says:

    Should have ignored the douchebag aggro man and just kept moving. you just happened to be the one he picked on out of that whole group of people who were in that line with you

  57. susieschusses says:

    the cutter was wrong no doubt about it, but if “old tyme local” head butted me I’d beat the living fucking shit out of him. I have been convicted of assault, watch out who you physically provoke anywhere!

  58. anon says:

    yeah, could’ve been a way smoother snake…

  59. anon says:

    Snake… Snake? SNAAAAAAKE

  60. Trailboss says:

    Regardless of who was right or wrong, this just does not look good for Alta.

  61. Daryl says:

    Sorry guys, video deleted per request out of respect for the Ski Area Involved.

    Not trying to hide my actions. Clearly I got in a short-cut line that is okay on a average day, but not on a powder day.

    I got called out by someone who got WAY too upset, I stood my ground out of ignorance, guy stomped on my topsheets (not a big deal, I ski like a beater so they already were scratched) and headbutted me with a few elbows thrown in.

    Okay so I’m in the wrong and so is the other dude. Get over it. Didn’t post my video here anyway as Mitch stated earlier. Meant to share it with my TGR Buddies who also gave me shit for it but in the end realized that this guys conduct was over the top.

    Let’s not forget that getting physical with people doing a sport we love over a debate on line etiquette is downright silly. Hope we all learned a lesson.

    Bullies will be bullies in real life and on the interwebz. Some people will try and snake the line on a powder day. Internet trolls will follow up to comments like this with “go home, you beater!” Good thing I already am home, even if it’s full of naysayers that excise swift judgment as if they’ve never taken a shortcut.


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