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This season the Northeast has seen a dramatic rise in the number of backcountry rescues. With the big early season the northeast has been experiencing many resort skiers are heading out of bounds and into trouble. Vermont State Police have claimed up to 45 rescues in the last two weeks alone.

“That’s the big issue,” Bolton Valley ski patroller Quinn Keating told WCAX. “Leaving the ski area boundary unprepared and unaware of where you’re going, without a backpack with supplies or friends with you is not backcountry skiing that irresponsible skiing.”

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  1. BoGnar says:

    Vermont sees increased visits from Jersey. Don’t be a Joey. Stay inbounds. Squirts and moose don’t give a hoot about your gold chain and all white ski suite.

  2. SkiBCVT says:

    Same number of Jerry’s, better cell phone service. #packitout

  3. sugarloaf in maine also deals with this problem from time to time – thru no fault of their own. the unfortunate reality is that skiers in the east are not as self reliant as their western counter parts. side country and backcountry is taking off in the east but is still experiencing growing pains. namely a lack of education and preparedness by individuals. resorts and patrols will also need to adapt more western style policies to accomodate the explosion in side country in the near future.

  4. sikstickz11 says:

    Drops, brah. Drops.

  5. Anonymous says:

    are all these people so dumb not to think that all you have to do is just hike up hill and you will get out omg

  6. gnarwhal says:

    Yea its true I’ve seen some stupid $hit in recent years…like dudes on MTW on considerable days with no beacon shovel probe travelling solo and bootpacking over windblown leeward slabs. Theres a general lack of understanding in the East for sure and I hope it gets addressed soon before too many people hurt themselves

  7. BoGnar says:

    Darwin awards should be granted for every one of them. Why do we spend so much effort and resources on coddling and guiding the dumb?

  8. crusher says:

    what backcountry…twigs, rocks and saplings


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