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Unofficial is recommending the Silver Pass for Squaw & Alpine this year.  You’re only blacked out 5 days at Xmas, 3 at MLK, 2 for Presidents weekends, & it’s $230 cheaper.  These blackouts are going to be during nutty-busy weekend/holidays that you’d probably rather avoid.  Besides, you can can always go backcountry, ski a different, try a less crowded resort, or poach.  You can even purchase 2 Squaw/Alpine day tickets during these blackouts and still come out cheaper than buying a Gold.

Today, May 7th,  is the last day to get cheap Squaw/Alpine season passes.

Check out all the prices and blackout dates below:

2012/13 season pass prices

To buy your season pass click here:  Squaw/Alpine Season Pass Purchase

Here’s what you get with your Squaw/Alpine pass every single day:

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Golden Boy says:

    What about the prestige of having a gold? Oh, that’s right, you can’t even tell by looking at them if it’s a gold or silver or bronze. In the future, they should have them be actually gold, silver, or bronze so we know who has how much money.


  2. Golden boy likes balls says:

    I choose bronze

    cause who really wants to ski or ride the mountain on holidays or Saturday’s? To crowded on them days!!!!!

  3. Jump Monster says:

    Thanks for advising us not to give any more money to $KSL$ than is necessary. Also, that was the lamest promo video for Squaw and Alpine I could have ever imagined.
    Hey $KSL$ Management , With all due respect, I didn’t realize you’d gotten experimental surgery to get your balls removed.

  4. streeter says:

    Anybody know if the prices for the college passes also go up after the 7th? Last year they were $349 for the silver pass all the way til October.

  5. Agent P says:

    Everybody needs to buy a pass somewhere else. Just to let everyone know KSL plans to bull doze all runs so they can be nice blue groomers. I read it on the internet it must be true.

  6. HECKLER says:

    Super secret Platinum Pass still available. No blackout dates. Early ups on KT any day the mountain has a foot of fresh or more. Private funerail cars where you will be allowed to drink, fight or Fuck. Smoking weed will be tolerated only if you share buds with pass checker. Last but not least. ALL PLATINUM PASS HOLDERS WILL BE GIVEN FIRST DIBS ON ANY CHIMNEY LINE BEFORE OPENING TO THE PUBLIC! No more bomb holed out landings from locals and gapers who claim they did the ultimate triple diamond run. Then post how big they went, when we all saw them beater down it.

    First dibs on Chimney! You can have it with the SV Platinum Pass.
    Only $1,234.56

  7. rr says:

    Uh, isn’t that 6 at xmas, 2 at mlk, 2 at presidents’?

  8. yobrobra says:

    yeah but if you get the platinum it’s early ups with jonny like 6 times…pricelesss

  9. Snowbird Rocks says:

    Or you could ski at Snowbird

  10. California Native says:

    I grew up skiing in California and moved to Utah to get away from the crowds waiting to hit a single cliff. Come to Utah and ski big mountains or at least go to Mammoth. Squaw sucks and Mammoth is awesome (no one goes there to ski the actual mountain, and unlike Squaw it is an actual mountain and not just rolling hills).

    • dudebro says:

      having lived in both Mammoth and Squaw… I would agree with you that Mammoth is more of a “mountain”. And, there are only a few guys in Mammoth who actually know how and choose to ski the mountain. But, that doesn’t change the length of their lift lines on busy days.

      It should also be noted that Squaw actually has longer sustained steep runs off KT than Mammoth has anywhere on the mountain. Unfortunately, the bottom of those KT runs get rained on sometimes. But, the longest runs at Mammoth are either the ‘noids, star chute or climax (depending on how steep and how you want to count) all of which are less than 1500 vert…..whereas 75/west face/rockgarden/deadtree are all 1500+.

      Just thought I’d point that out.

  11. jkwon says:

    The mountain is and always will be amazing but the terrain park was a major let down (until closing weekend) compared to what they hyped it up to be this season.

  12. Gnarkiller says:

    Why buy today when it’s only like $30 more months from now? I’m not giving up what little cheddar I have left…until the fall.

  13. skier says:

    Miles – II think you are keeping a pretty low profile at ALPINE this weekend, cause you don’t want anyone to see how you actually ski!


  14. skier says:

    Oh fu$k – this site is starting to look like an Alpine/ Squaw marketing web page
    WHAT HAPPENED TO “unofficial”????????????????????

  15. skier says:

    These blackouts are going to be during nutty-busy weekend/holidays that you’d probably rather avoid. Besides, you can can always go backcountry


  16. $pend More says:

    For an extra $230 buy Gold! Then you don’t worry about anything and get all the days you want. That’s $38/month over a 6 month period. Nov-April.
    Kinda of a no brainer. I agree however with Silver if you buy a pass to another mountain also like Mount Rose, Mammoth or Kirkwood. Or I guess the difference would pay for all the fuel on your sled.


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