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SaveOnBrew.com, which is a website created to help consumers find the cheapest priced beer in their neighborhood, has created a graphic ad to help illustrate just how much beer is drank (and relieved) during the Super Bowl.  Keep in mind that the graphic only considers beer that is bought at grocery, liquor, and convenience stores in the two week period leading up to super Sunday.

Click Here to see the infographic

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  1. Powfiend says:

    10.8 billion spent on getting buzzed enough to make sitting through an entire football game enjoyable… seems a bit on the conservative side

  2. 4 Evergreen says:

    So we should pee outside to save the enviroment. I say lets go green and do away with urination in public fines.

  3. Yobrobra says:

    Very informative UN. Didn’t know both teams ’til now. Too busy skiing!


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