The Return of Home of the most South America Ski Stoke on the Planet!

This summer, a crew of Unofficial athletes, videographers, and writers will be living in and reporting daily from South America. We will be based in Las Lenas, Argentina and will be thoroughly exploring the terrain and madness that goes on there.  Think of us as your South American Lonely Planet Ski/Snowboard Travel Guide. Only, we’re better than a guide book because we’ll have REAL TIME snow conditions, reports, videos, party updates, backcountry accounts, storm forecasts, and more.

What will we be covering exactly, you ask?  Just have a look:

1.  How to most efficiently travel to South America for skiing/riding.

2.  Which airlines/airports are ideal, & how to make international and domestic airport transfers.

3.  Where to stay in the big cities as well as in ski resort towns according to various budgets.

4.  Which ski resorts/backcountry zones are the best.

las lenas, argentina

photo:  Las Lenas, Argentina.

5.  Current snow conditions at the premier ski resorts and backcountry zones

6.  Where and how to party both in ski towns and big and small cities on the road.

7.  Constantly updated calendars of events in South American ski towns and big cities.  (We had Megadeath in Buenos Aires last year!)

8.  What simple and easy non-skiing sight seeing adventures are worth the detours and extra time.
chilean powphoto:  Pow pow in Chile.

9.  What to do in South American ski towns if/when the snow conditions aren’t great.  (this is KEY!)

10.  We’ll also be teaching you a few Spanish phrases per week that will help you get around and seem cool. (Especially in Argentina where a huge percent of the language is an enigmatic slang).

11.  And finally, where else in South America you absolutely need to go, should you have the time/money to do so. (ie Fernando de Noronha Islands, Iguacu Falls, The Amazon, The Fitzroy)

iguacuphoto:  Iguacu Falls Argentina/Brazil.

If you are ever thinking of skiing/riding in South America or even just adventuring there, you want to check out  We’ll even be open to answering questions via email while we’re down there, so stay tuned, humans.

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  1. Pancho says:

    a few concerns and a Invitation:

    1) I assume it’s about “The Andes” and NOT Las Leñas which is ONLY ONE ski resort here….because if you call it “Unofficial Andes” and it’s only about Las Leñas is like calling Unofficial Tahoe to Unofficial Squaw or Unofficial Rockies to Unoffical Telluride….which is NOT GOOD….since there are 18 Ski Resorts in Chile and 11 in Argentina…ALL IN THE ANDES MOUNTIANS…and since I own a 56 K Acres Snowmobiling joint that is near Las Leñas, but in the Chilean side…I DON’T WANT TO BE confused as part of las Leñas or something like that…..

    2) as I said I have a 56.000 (yes 56 K) terrain in the 44 Kms (about 27 miles) from Las Leñas, but in the Chilean side (not sure though if the pass is open from the Argentinian side…in the chilean the highway is fully pavimented), and I have a couple of snowmobiles and a 24 rooms lodge that I need to fullfil with rippers that can ride and spread the word out….if you answer to my e mail I can give you even the Google Earth File of the limits so you can check it out….

  2. Bummer, I went to Las Lenas 7 0r 8 years in a row in the 90′s and the place was changed for ever when as the local ski patrol called them the el extremos appeared. Meaning the north american rad dudes with all the attitude. The last few years traveling there the marte’ lift would not open due to being buried. Because we had a long relation ship with the resort we volentered to get up in the middle of the night and snow cat up to marte’ in the company of the local inmates to dig the chair out. well one of the inmates was hit in the back of the head with a chair when the lift suddenly started. as an ex squaw ski patrol emt , I tried to help him he died just as the sun . came up. brain stem injury. proceding to the lower terminal after all the work and trauma, we attempted to take our place at the front of the now substantial lift line. A near riot ensued that we should be alowed to enter the front of the line , inspite of our nearly all night labors and travails. actually this episode was mentioned in a powder mag of the day. What was not mentioned was the horrible behavior of the rad dude extremos who felt entitled to get up marte’ with out earning it. I have not returned to Las Lenas inspite of how much i love sking there. After 32 year s of hundred plus ski days a year at squaw and 5 on the patrol I feel Ill when I see the conduct of the individuals in the KT lift line on a powder day. whats the point? Certainly no shared values. Las lenas is not what it was and either is Squaw. The mountains are exactly the same as they once were. Material difference being, obnoxious self entitled spoiled individuals. Remember it’s all about you, or is it’?

  3. Chris says:

    I’ll be visiting Mendoza and Santiago later this week. Anywhere to go for a day skiing? Or is everything closed?

    • Miles Clark says:

      Chris, everything is closed. Winter doesn’t really get started for them down there until late June/July. Maybe way up high there is snow. But I mean way up high above 14,000 feet. If I were you, I’d just soak up the amazing culture and go on some killer hikes. Mendoza is a special place. Make sure to do the bicycle wine tour!

  4. Chris says:

    OK, will do. Thanks for your help!

  5. Tom Torkelson says:

    Looking for advice, if anyone has some.
    After 15 years in Jackson, and 3 in Crested Butte before that, I married a Mendocina girl and am an Argentina resident living in Mendoza. I just bought my full-season “Condor Pass” for Las Lenas and am stoked to get it on!
    I’m a full-time working guy and will be a week-end warrior, hopefully every weekend.
    Who can point me to the best-priced lodgings? Our car isn’t 4wd, and we’ll probably be bussing down from Mendoza each weekend, so the lodging has to be somewhere we can hook up with a shuttle to the base area. And it needs to be somewhere we can lodge for just a night or 2 at a time, not for full weeks.
    Los Molles? Even Malargue would be ok if the price is right…
    Look forward to anyone’s input, and hope to run into some gringo rippers this season!

  6. Anonymous says:

    You should learn how to spell Iguazu Falls.

    • Miles Clark says:

      Ha! Clearly you’ve never been to brazil. Thanks for the spelling lesson, but in Portuguese, the language they speak in brazil, FYI, it’s Iguaçu, but I was to lazy to do the ç.

      • Anonymous says:

        So you spell Iguazu with a “c” but Brazil with a “z” not an “s” and leave the country name in lower case while capitalizing Iguazu. No, I haven’t been to Brazil, but you don’t need to go there to see Igauzu as stated above, it lies on the border.

        • Miles Clark says:

          Tee hee…dude, iguana falls is in both Argentina and Brazil. U do not know what u r talking about. Regardless, u should go there, it’s truly incredible.

  7. evelina says:

    just love when north americans try to speak argentinean spanish!!! lol
    first time i see one saying “copado”. Me encanta!!! Vengan a visitar Argentina, van a amar mi pais XD

    • Miles Clark says:

      che boluda, sos mas dura que un sorete de queso! Me encanta como hablan los argentinos!!!

      • evelina says:

        jajajajaj, who the heck tought u to say that?? ni siquiera lo habia escuchado antes… me estas enseñando mi propio idioma boludo, jajaja

  8. JefeAnomo says:

    Re-twit you post: to my @vokvfqjt twitter


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