It’s now the beginning of May and only a few ski resorts are still open, but it’s not quite summer.  So unless you enjoy freezing water you haven’t been water skiing yet, but it’s time to get in the mood for bikini’s and fun in the sun!

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Twiggy the water skiing squirrel dates back to 1979 when Lou Ann Best found an abandoned baby squirrel after a hurricane.  She took it in as a pet and soon her husband began joking about putting on skis behind a remote controlled boat.  Soon Twiggy was a boat-bum traveling around the country to boat shows to teach children about the importance of life-jackets.  Since squirrels don’t have the longest life in the animal kingdom, Lou Ann now travels with Twiggy the 8th.

Now if you didn’t think a water skiing squirrel was cute, you’re probably slightly messed up in the head, so for your viewing pleasure here is a short water skiing crash compilation.

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