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The coolest snowboard or ski event just went down yesterday at Baldface Lodge cat skiing operation in Nelson, British Columbia.  Deep Powder, disgusting artificial features, backside 10 double corks,  backside 180 nose butter to cab five off of a 30-foot tall platforms, huge 360s, obnoxiously large methods were all a part of one of the most monumental days in mountain riding.


Mark Carter getting crunk at Supernatural. photo: Oli Gagnon/

“Scotty Lago’s first method set the tone and from there every run was next level.” - Travis Rice

We are still waiting for video from the event and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Scotty Lago guinea pigging the very first ever Big mountain powder terrain park. photo: showcase snowboard facebook page


- 40+ degrees on initial pitch

- 35 degrees after initial pitch & this is where most of the wooden features are

- 300-foot wide kicker mid-way down the slope to powder landing zone

- 30 degree slope after the kicker with a ton of slopestyle terrain park features

 ”For two years, the Baldface staff has partnered with Travis and a select crew of “arborists” to sculpt the ultimate freeriding arena. With a fifty-degree pitch and select manmade obstacles peppered across the face, “Scary Cherry” provides a more than adequate piste to enable the best film pros in the game today to perform. Beyond the obstacle-laden steeps rested a 100-foot booter meticulously sculpted by renowned cutter JP Martin. The final challenge for Supernatural contestants lay in a feature-laden jib bonk zone crafted by Jamie Lynn and Mike Parillo. Heavy doesn’t even begin to describe the setup.” – pat bridges/


The features. photo: cole barash/transworld snowboarding


Start List. photo: showcase snowboard facebook page



Best Trick = John Jackson ($5,000) backside 10 double cork oF the main launch

1. Travis Rice ($35,000)
2. Gigi Rüf ($20,000)
3. Nicolas Müller ($15,000)
4. John Jackson
5. Lucas Debari
6. Kazuhiro Kokubo
7. Jake Blauvelt
8. David Carrier Porcheron
9. Eero Niemela
10. Devun Walsh
11. Mark Sollors
12. Terje Haakonsen
13. Eric Jackson
14. Mark Carter
15. Mark McMorris
16. Sage Kotsenberg
17. Scotty Lago
18. Mark Landvik


Building of Red Bull’s Supernatural course

Do you guys think this event is as sick as I do?  I would kill to be able to hit features like these.  Travis’ idea here was genius and I can’t wait to see features like this start popping up at mountains around the world.

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  1. JayBalls says:

    Damn, that course is insane. kinda funny that travis wins being the only one the knows how the course is laid out.

  2. jdubx says:

    we need to bag the dew tour/xgames and just do these until the end of time.

  3. GoHomeGapers says:

    notice there is no Shuan white. I guess his sponsors couldn’t buy this one…..

  4. Sam says:

    I thought Mark Carter was going to jail?

  5. iamsaws says:

    How long till Skiers make a similar contest? Always a day late and dollar short

    • jdubx says:

      skier one would be awesome, im a snowboarder but anything like this is watchable. i figure next year there will be one for skiers and boarders, maybe even do a cross between the 2 and see who comes out on top. the future of competitions is shit like this though. im glad t.rice got the backing from red bull to do this!

  6. Anonymous says:

    eh, natural terrain is always going to be more ill. I’m not jumpin’ on the hype.

  7. permnation says:

    Is Erik Jackson really 13 years old?

  8. pete says:

    i’d wanna stay there for a month and keep hitting it every time it snowed….atleast parts of it

  9. Arman Tanzarian says:

    Is this just footage of men talking- if so I’d rather stick a grenade up my ass and pull out the pin

  10. huck it from tahoe says:

    i want one!!

  11. kjljfsjlkf says:

    I like how at all these Red Bull events Red Bull athleats win ie Shawn Pettit and Travis Rice

  12. 4 evergreen says:

    Fact is if you don’t show up for the Baker Banked Slalom, you have lost sight of whats important. Respect to T-Rice for his run saturday, but still a second slower than 37 year old Temple Cummins run friday.

    Sean White will stick to Lame-Games


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