Travis Rice is officially a “baller” now.  Showing up to a movie that is all about you in a Rolls Royce with a hot model and walking the red carpet in NYC is pretty “baller” methinks.

It looks like the place was packed and that everyone was dressed nice and a few big names like Justin Timberlake even showed up.  John Jackson really looked like a toolbox in his horrible blue suit and top hat and a lotta guys were wearing Yankee hats for some reason, but most people looked nice.

I’ve gotta say, I wish I was there for it.  How ‘bout you?  Too bro brah for ya, or did it look fun?

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  1. OMGHEDIDNT says:

    John Jackson looked awesome wadda ya talkin about

  2. Anonymous says:

    You don’t watch movies other than ski movies… Do you? There is this magical little one from the 90′s called “Dumb and Dumber”. Let me tell you about a scene; the two protagonist show up to a ritzy Aspen party in suits that have no style at all. Those suits are similar to the ones that John Jackson and his buddy are wearing…

  3. Eric says:

    Someone didn’t get that John Jackson and his buddy showed up as Harry and Lloyd from the Dumb And Dumber owl benefit scene.

    -1 for lack of pop culture recognition

  4. Reno Local says:

    Rolls Royce = Classy.

  5. katy says:

    Yep, Baller. Don’t think that’s a model tho, check out the tattoos, I think it’s just his lady-friend.

  6. tit dirt says:

    john jackson’s ‘buddy’ is his brother eric… also a pro snowboarder

  7. lauren says:

    the girl with T.Rice is an organic chef in Jackson! not a model, but is still super hot anyway

  8. Jordan S says:

    Side note on the Jackson outfit, When in Aspen, Lloyd goes to where “the water flow’s like wine”, Check out the title of the chapter in the DVD at 54:30…. hmmm makes ya wonder

  9. ham bone says:

    Lack of the recognition of the Harry and Lloyd reference deems you the first hammer pulled out of the toolbox.


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