Whistler Exposed Calendar

So much talent...the Whistler Exposed Girls. Photo: Amanda Scheller

Yep. Another top ten. And this time we’ve asked around a little and actually done some real research and here is what we’ve come up with. The best places to shag in Whistler in terms of locale radness, risk of being caught and maybe a few GNAR points.

10.      The Stu Inn – top of the Khyber – a cramped hut at the top of one of the more epic ski runs off Whistler’s boundary. Do it on a pow morning      for a little extra heat.

9.         The Peak Patrol Shack – On those days when the peak chair is shut but the signlines are open. Nothing like some sex before dropping into the Couloir

The Peak Bump

Just clean up after yourself...

8.         Top of the Chimney Boot Pack on Blackcomb – Quiet place, good boulder to lean on and several unmentionable lines to drop into right after getting off.

7.         A suite at the Four Seasons – this requires picking up a rich MILF at Bill’s on a Saturday night. The Four Seasons rooms are heaven on earth

6.         A Toyota Tacoma in the Day Lots – How much more hardcore dirtbag skier can you get?

5.         The Peak to Peak Gondola – As high a Gnar factor as it gets. Bonus for doing it over the glass floored cabins.

4.         The nudie dock at Lost Lake – warm summer day, glass of wine…does it get any better?

Whistler Groomer

The Piston Bully 300. Heated seats, stereo, nice view. The perfect spot for a shag. Photo: whistlerblackcomb.com

3.         In a snowcat, at night – this might require getting to know one of the groomers REALLY, REALLY well.

2.         In any hotel pool and or hot tub you’ve poached – the locals’ favourite nocturnal activity

1.         The Whistler Village Gondola. Day time, night time, whenever. The view is awesome, especially on a night time download.


Be safe and ski hard


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  1. Dirk Diggler says:

    You contribute nothing to this site JS. Go have a wank in the gondola

  2. Joe Skier says:

    Maybe I’ll do a gopro video of me wanking on the gondola. I can send you the first cut, if you like. Just so you can screen it for me.

  3. Jonny says:

    seriously dude i only clicked on this to comment. You are filling this site with weak and irrelevant information. please spend more time on the hill being a skier rather than trying to write about pointless shit. then you might understand what this site is actually for.

  4. Tommy Tailgunner says:

    As a N.Tahoe groomer for close to 20 years. I’ve had sex in a few snowcats. Of course my wife would deny it.

  5. sam says:

    for the people that are having a go for the person posting this article. It says everything in the title, if you’re only interested in serious skiing don’t click on it! don’y click on it and have a go at people posting pointless stories, you’re just being negative

  6. Guy says:

    It’s a bit silly to have that kind of post but unofficial is about what skiing is all about and I think that skiing and shagging go hand in hand !
    … and JS. you forgot about the triple crown (the three gondolas in one day with the peak to peak bonus).


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