The north ran away with it this year.  Alaska, British Columbia, Washington & Oregon dominated.  The first ski resort not in one of those regions doesn’t occur on the list until #12.  California squeaked 3 ski resorts on the list, Utah got 2, Wyoming got 2, and we got Idaho in there at #22.

It was a great year for the north, a somewhat dismal year for the rest of us.  But, starting on June 1st, we can wipe this season away and start anew.  Who’s gonna get it big next year?  Maybe we should have a contest to see which North American ski resort will get the biggest snowfall total in 2012/13?

The below numbers account for total snowfall received at each individual ski resort during the 2011/12 winter ski season.


#1 – Alyeska, AK = 962”

#2 – Mt. Baker, WA = 800″

#3 – Crystal Mountain, WA = 587″

#4 – White Pass, WA = 575″

#5 - Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, OR = 564″

#5Stevens Pass, WA = 564″

#6 - Mt. Hood Meadows, OR = 550″

#7 - Whistler, B.C. = 547″

#8 - Mt. Seymour, B.C. = 545″

#9 – Alpental, WA = 533″

#10 - Mt. Bachelor, OR = 515”

#11 - Fernie, B.C. = 450”

#12 - Revelstoke, B.C. = 442”

#13 - Grand Targhee, WY = 420”

#14 - Sunshine Village, Canada = 406”

#15 - Alpine Meadows, CA = 393″

#16 - Wolf Creek, CO = 390”

#16 - Alta, UT = 390″

#17- Whitewater, B.C. = 386”

#18 – Snowbird, UT = 383″

#19 - Sugar Bowl, CA = 374″

#20 - Jackson Hole, WY = 373″

#21 - Squaw Valley, CA = 355”

#22 - Schweizter, ID = 339”

*this list is actually lists 24 ski resorts*

Mt. Baker snowbank on March 17th, 2012

We know you’re gonna let us know who else should be on here.  Well, let us know.  Who else is killing it this year?  Who else should be on this list?  Huh?

 See which 6 ski resorts are still open right now:

“Ski Resorts STILL OPEN in North America”


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    • Miles Clark says:

      Thanks. I got some of these numbers off of and I’m finding some of the numbers off. Investigating now.

  1. DMG says:

    Crystal Mountain, WA, Still Skiing.

  2. Andy Wirth says:

    I do believe, with our 50 million dollar improvement projects, that Squaw Valley USA will receive more snow than Alpine Meadows in the upcoming ski seasons.

  3. stretch says:

    t-line twice?

  4. John W says:

    I’m skeptical that Squaw and especially Alpine should even
    be on this list, Mammoth maybe.

    Squaw will never have more snow than Alpine unless they can move
    the entire mountain higher up. No amount of millions of $ will do that.

  5. Marcus says:

    Once again, you forgot Stevens Pass.
    From their website: 564’’ total snowfall for the season

    Why publish a list if its never complete?

  6. alpentalbc says:

    Alpy, Baker and Crystal were so sweet this year. Going up this weekend to Crystal, snowed 7 inches over the last 2 days there.

  7. Snowsurfer says:

    Eagle’s Crest in AK always seems to be missing from your list

  8. JF says:

    As of April 28, 2012, Alpental had 501″ and still over a month left of snowfall after thant.

  9. wain says:

    WA is for real.

  10. Chase says:

    #16 is Wolf Creek, CO, not OR . . .

  11. Robson says:

    Sunshine Village is in fact in Alberta, not B.C. in Canada.
    The resort does span over part of the B.C. boarder, but the majority of the resort and all its foundations are all in Alberta.
    just a little FYI..
    Keep up the great work!

    • Miles Clark says:

      I did not know that. Thought it was entirely on the BC side of the boarder. I feel educated. changed it just to Canada. Banff is gorgeous, your lucky to live up there. thanks.

      • guest says:

        The line between provinces, states or countries is a “border”, guys. A person who slides around without poles on a single implement instead of two is a “boarder”. Just sayin’.

  12. tk says:

    pretty sure u mean wolf creek, CO. yeah i know, shocker, we actually get snow here.

  13. BNuts says:

    Lets see the 10 worst! there must have been some records broke in that category

  14. snowlover says:

    Squaw and alpine got more than Kirkwood and Sugar Bowl. . . .interesting

  15. Nancy says:

    Mt Washington on Vancouver Island, BC reported 1740 cm or 685″.
    Gnarly! ;)

  16. SS dude says:

    Great pic of Mammoth from 2011. Looks like the dude in the middle is taking a piss and the dude on the right is ck’ing him out.
    “Are you looking at my bum?”
    “No, I’m looking at your wang.”
    “Oh, ok than”

  17. Shopping Bag says:

    962″ for Alyeska Resort and it’s still snowing at the top of the mountain today!!! May 24, 2012 @ 3:58pm.

  18. Ernesto says:

    Pretty sure Cypress Mountain,Grouse Mountain and Mount Washington figure in the top of the list as well.

  19. OregonGuy says:

    9″ of new at Timberline last-night (5/23). By no means fluffy, but still…

  20. Girdwoodskibum says:

    I think you left off Eaglecrest in Juneau.

  21. Those are some crazy pictures!

  22. nonamous says:

    BOREAL with 403″ 11/12

  23. Scott says:

    Snowbird = 383″

  24. hilarious says:

    that cali even made the list…other places must really suck because this year was a nightmare here…….been in tahoe since 1996

  25. Sami says:

    So glad I live in WA, Snowboarding was Awesome this year! Hope to maybe get back up to crystal next weekend :)

  26. timmy a. says:

    mt. eyak cordova, ak

  27. ScottCL says:

    Washington is fucking terrible. Rains in the mtns constantly, snow is always horrible. Fuck this place….

  28. jamie says:

    Been in Tahoe since 96′? Wow, you’ve got provenance. Let me guess you moved from back east and now your extremo in Squallywood.

  29. Cali boy says:

    I count three of ours.

  30. AKFreeski says:

    Suck iiiiiiit!

  31. Snowbirdie says:

    Snowbird got 383″, why are they not on the list?

  32. skimama says:

    Met so many great Tahoe folks at Crystal this winter. Hard not to gloat, BUT I’ve got 114 days in and I’m still skiing weekends. Ah yes, life is good in the PNW.

  33. will says:

    fuck yeah #2

  34. Mashi Akiyama says:

    How come Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island is not listed? If Seymour ranked #8 where does Cypress and Grouse Mountains rank?

  35. Alan says:

    What about Mount Washington on Vancovuer Island? Had over 14 meters of total snowfall (14 meters = 551 inches)

  36. sookie says:

    oooo….i’ll even share my little secret with u….hemlock resort in bc (close to Vancouver) was often at the top of ur list of top 5 places with pow in a week so should also figure on this list with 448″ this season at alpine. i love whistler but for pow i had many of my best days in the open terrain at hemlock. score!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Squaw is turning into an amusment park and man other resorts are doing the same thing. its a Ski resort not disney land

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