Mammoth, CA 2011. photo: Andrew Gauthier

 The below numbers account for total snowfall received at each individual ski resort during the 2011/12 snow season.


#1 – Alyeska, AK = 824”

#2 – Mt. Baker, WA = 777″

#3 – Whistler, B.C. = 517″

#4 – Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, OR = 481″

#5 – Mt. Bachelor, OR = 467″

#6 – Revelstoke, B.C. = 430″

#7 – Jackson Hole, WY = 364″

#8 – Alta, UT = 334″

#9 – Squaw Valley, CA = 327″

#10 – Snowbird, UT = 324″

Mt. Baker snowbank on March 17th, 2012

The snow only fell to the north most of the season.  Then, March came along and put the Western USA back on the snow map.  The discrepancies in snow totals from north to south are still notable, but not like they were before March.

There are certainly some resorts that would fit in here, but we just went for the big guys on this one.  

We know you’re gonna let us know who else should be on here.  Well, let us know.  Who else is killing it this year?  Who else should be on this list?  Huh?



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  1. Sasha says:

    Shames must be way up there. Who’s got that number?

  2. Chris says:

    Whitewater, BC – 456″
    Gotta love the Kootenays

  3. Chris says:

    For some bigger ones:
    Fernie, BC – 439″
    Sunshine Village, AB – 377″
    Kicking Horse, BC – 381″

    and for the Americans:
    Steven’s Pass, WA – 553″
    Crystal Mountain, WA – 543″

  4. Eric says:

    Stevens Pass, Washington. 553″! Where did this list come from? ^^^

  5. meathead says:

    Schweitzer id has 375 and crystal is over 400

  6. Jaydog says:

    What about Wolf Creek, CO at 371″

  7. gnarzilla says:


  8. Ben says:

    Crystal Mtn, WA! …..543″!

  9. cassie says:

    Grand Targhee Resort – 391″

  10. lrn2swim says:

    Wtf. We have over 500 at Alpental.

  11. Jon says:

    Whoever made this list did about 30 seconds of research. Thanks for nothing!

  12. Don't choke your kony says:

    Mt. Hood Meadows

  13. Regan says:

    Sorry guys. This list sucks balls. Official fail.

  14. Sean Briggs says:

    Schweitzer season total at 373″

  15. damon h says:

    they skipped all those to make sure squaw was in the mix

  16. dontbeakook says:

    leave it to unoffical to get all facts officially wrong

  17. TODD says:

    Squaw had to be on the list, come on, this is unofficial. Officially made up crap, but we still all read it.

  18. me too says:

    boreal is around 350″

  19. TODD says:

    #7 thru 10 are very questionable.

  20. Chuck u. Farley says:

    Did you queerbaits really leave out a bunch of places so you could squeeze Squaw in?

  21. Eric says:

    Pretty much the Top 10 is gonna be out of PNW and BC, all Washington resorts are well over 500″ for the season. Get your facts straight people before posting this garbage.

  22. Anonymous says:

    You mean “Top 10 of the top 20 best known resorts?” Yeah , that must be what you mean.

    • Ben says:

      Seriously? If the list was the true top 10, they’d all be in the Pacific Northwest anyway. This is an overview to see where everyone’s at. Calm down.

  23. Dobbs says:

    Top 10 of the Top 20 best known resorts? Crystal and Fernie skiers are fine with that. How bout this slogan: Less skiers, more inches.

  24. Best month I have ever spent on snow!!!! So glad I didn’t move to Tahoe.

  25. donner summit skier says:

    my favorite is how squaw and sugarbowl are barely behind jackson, and we are having the worst season ever!!

  26. lee slopes says:

    557″ at White Pass, Wa.

  27. Charlie says:

    “There are certainly some resorts that would fit in here, but we just went for the big guys on this one”


    Why include Alyeska and Baker? Just skip to Whistler and end at Vail. What a ridiculous list.

    • Anonymous says:

      rad skiers care about big mountains with rad terrain… hence why alyeska and baker are included, and vail is not.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was being sarcastic. Baker is damn near my favorite mountain. Like I said, the list is ridiculous with that “criteria”

  28. Michelle says:

    Alyeska Resort has been having the BEST SEASON EVER! The crews have been working very hard to keep up with all this snow, and all the additional guests. The best part is, we’re now experiencing super fun spring skiing conditions. We’ll be open for 7 day ops thru April 29, and weekend ops (Fri-Sun most weekends) in May. There is still time for a visit!

    • Shopping Bag says:

      Totally agree — it’s been an epic year at Alyeska. Was up yesterday for amazing blue skies and sun ALL DAY!!! Plus, there was hardly a soul on the mountain! Hiking Chilkoot’s was a blast!

  29. J-TRO says:

    Alyeska is just awesome.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Crystal’s not one of the big guys?

  31. Tina says:

    You guys all make me snicker. Did you miss this part where they egged you on to behave exactly as you are and admitted that it’s not a comprehensive top 10?

    “There are certainly some resorts that would fit in here, but we just went for the big guys on this one.

    We know you’re gonna let us know who else should be on here. Well, let us know. Who else is killing it this year? Who else should be on this list? Huh?”

  32. jack says:

    mt bachelor represent!!!!!!!
    but i goat say, i think alpine beat squaw this year, but i guess now that is just splitting hairs….. squalpine

  33. Johnny says:

    At least got an idea of what snowfall was like un different regions in north america..thats alli really wanted not a list of 10 resorts in te same area…maybe we just need a different title

  34. CLINT says:


  35. phil says:

    timber ridge michigan 52″. not top ten but just thought you should know….

  36. Xpat says:

    seymour 412″

  37. Suck at skiing but good at MW3 says:

    my backyard has had like 24 and 70/159 ” this season

  38. alskan says:

    Alaska has been spoiled this year. so many great back country days!

  39. Anna says:

    Thompson Pass, AK 659″

  40. Chad says:

    Read a few days ago that Shames has 678.

  41. Sean says:

    You guys missed pretty much every resort in the Northwest that has WAY more snow than Utah or California. Love the site, but this one has to get tallied as a Fail.

    • Ben says:

      Did you not read this whole article? This is more of an overview of where everyone’s at. We all know the NW is getting hammered. If the whole list was NW resorts, you’d complain about that too. Tool.

  42. wow says:

    how is squaw up there! it seems like we are doing the worst this year

  43. Ryan says:

    I compiled this list from visiting resort websites snow reports (up to date as of April 7). Included are a couple cat/heli ops who provide seasonal snowfall data (but most do not). Some of these resorts are still open, and their totals will likely increase. If you know of a have a ski hill snow report not included, please email me with the website link.

    2123 Alyeska, AK
    2020 Mt Baker, WA
    1723 Shames, BC
    1510 CMH Monashee Heli-Ski, BC
    1460 Powder King, BC
    1452 White Grizzly Cat Ski, BC
    1440 Stevens Pass, WA
    1414 White Pass, WA
    1361 Crystal Mountain, WA
    1343 Whistler Blackcomb, BC
    1337 Mt Washington, BC
    1262 Hemlock, BC
    1198 Great Northern Snowcat, BC
    1171 Whitewater, BC
    1164 Cypress, BC
    1153 Mt Bachelor, OR
    1137 Fernie, BC
    1137 Revelstoke, BC
    1108 Grouse, BC
    1093 Seymour, BC
    1013 Kicking Horse, BC
    991 Grand Targhee, WY
    974 Sunshine Village, AB
    965 Schweitzer, ID
    937 Wolf Creek, CO
    926 Apex, BC
    831 Alta, UT
    807 Lake Louise, AB
    802 Snowbird, UT
    770 Whitefish, MT
    765 Squaw Valley, CA
    750 Jackson Hole, WY
    736 Red Mountain, BC
    711 Brighton / Solitude, UT
    706 Sugar Bowl, CA
    703 Silver Star, BC
    690 Kimberley, BC
    677 Panorama, BC
    636 Castle Mountain, AB
    608 Valinouet, QC <— most snowfall east coast
    607 Big White, BC
    605 Powder Mountain, UT
    599 Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA
    597 Jay Peak, VT
    590 Kirkwood, CA
    589 Briger Bowl, MT
    574 Heavenly, CA
    569 Steamboat, CO
    561 Canyons, UT
    556 Breckenridge, CO
    541 Vail, CO
    539 Northstar-at-Tahoe, CA
    536 Stowe, VT
    531 Telluride, CO
    528 Park City, UT
    501 Beaver Creek, CO
    499 Massif du Sud, QC
    478 Mammoth, CA
    472 Massif de Charlevoix, QC
    445 Loveland, CO
    434 Aspen, CO
    405 Mont St Anne, QC
    370 Tremblant, QC
    345 Mt Orford
    328 Whiteface, NY
    317 Stoneham, QC
    312 Owls Head
    303 Sutton, QC
    269 Le Relais, QC

    [email protected]


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