Homewood Resort - Big Blue View

Teton Gravity Research has compiled a list of 5 Awesome Apres Ski Bars. What Bar would you add to the list? 

5 Awesome Apres Skiing Bars in North America

Read the entire post here [5 Awesome Apres Skiing Bars in North America] including photos and reviews. 

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  1. pj says:

    might have to ski homewood one spring day

  2. Lost in the East says:

    Homewood has always rocked, just impossible to there from the south shore.

  3. Richard Pumpington says:

    In order to apres you gotta be stoked. Id go with P Dog in Alta.

  4. Buzz killington says:

    Never heard of Mcgrath’s??

  5. Buzz killington says:

    ^ oops drank Mcgraths but wouldn’t call it top 5

  6. mdskier says:

    I didn’t know “Big Blue View” is a bar? The photo is of the snack bar in a
    tent at a mid-mountain location at Homewood. It would close and ski patrol
    would chase you downhill as lifts close PRIOR TO APRES SKI.

  7. mdskier says:

    OTOH Garfinkel’s Restaurant & Bar at Vail is a hip Apres Ski Bar.
    I have their T shirt.

  8. Mtnsrequired says:

    Tram club at the bird

  9. h says:

    McWho’s at Killington? Obviously TGR spends more time on the slopes than the bars. Thanks for the great films! The Pickle Barrel and Wobbly Barn hands down the best. I fart at both all the time…

  10. Retard says:

    Don’t forget the hotel bar at the Day’s Inn in Sandy, UT! It’s a must after shredding your rock skis all day at Snowbird. 3.2% beer, none of that pretentious Alta crowd; it might be the most mandatory spot on this list. Oh, and you can listen to your sister getting railed by that dirty bum from the rental shop while you’re eating your 7-11 nachos. The walls are pretty thin.

  11. scrubitkook says:

    scissor bill’s

  12. Yobrobra says:

    Nobody said Chammy yet? Am I on UN?

  13. Smitty says:

    Dude, Le Chamois at Squaw. I’m I missing something? I was just at Garfinkel’s. Cool place, but better? Never!

  14. Hello says:

    The cock tower in mammoth should not be on is list

  15. respect bossman says:

    Mooserwirt, St. Anton, Austria. Hands down best apres ski bar in the world.

  16. Jean Claude-California says:

    I still miss the Naughty Dog

  17. gnar allergy says:

    i guess the VC wasnt on the list because every time i go in there everyone is feeling soooooooooo siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

    mamas y tapas–pucon chile

  18. Skiergal says:

    Farinet………..Verbier………where live bands more than rock your socks off!


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