We know that a lot of you are staying home for Super Bowl Sunday instead of skiing.  Thus, this piece of informative keg tapping information should be extremely useful.

Devin and Eyehandy show us exactly how it’s done along with some dos and don’ts.

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  1. Wendy McClain says:

    I think I need to officially stop following and “Liking” Unofficial Squaw. Between this and the video “Putting Chains on” both in one week, you have thoroughly lost my respect. Such a disappointment.

    • oh god... says:

      please dont start this

      it’s a joke! Laughing is good for the human body.

    • pan8agod says:

      This is what happens when it doesn’t snow in Tahoe. The guys at unoffical get bored at put out funny instructional videos I love it cause its keeping me entertained during this lull in powder

    • Andy says:

      hey u f**king idiot, what do u think a ski website is supposed to post when there’s no f**king snow?? If there was skiing content to post they’d love to post it, but with the state of the slopes, there’s no snow.. No snow=no skiing. No skiing=no skiing content, so unbunch ur panties and do what we’re all doing…….WAITING FOR THE SNOW

  2. TBST says:

    No problem here….GO GIANTS!!!!

  3. everyone not with a stick up their ass says:

    No problem here either… go hotties!

  4. permnation says:

    Red Solo cup, I fill you up. Let’s have a party!

  5. Hugh Chardon says:

    Um Devin- what r u up to Sunday afternoon?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Buxom blonds + beer = a good day

  7. NoNeedForAName says:

    I wonder if devin would let me practice tapping her, uh , keg…


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