Deep Japanese Powder Skiing!

January 30th, 2013 by
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I suppose it’s better to be trapped in a gondola during a gale than on a chairlift in one.  If this occurrence aligns with crotchal-area-deep powder, that doesn’t hurt either.

Japan has been stormy this January.  Lets be honest, it’s stormy every January.  It’s clockwork.  Storms just don’t matter here.  A frigid NW wind comes over of Siberia, picks up moisture off the warm Sea of Japan, and collides with the 10,000-foot Japanese Alps that happen to be right on the beach.  That combination adds up to snow most everyday of January and February.

…A divine wind you might say?  

The Mongol fleet destroyed in a typhoon, ink and water on paper, by Kikuchi Yōsai, 1847

The above video is from Hakuba, Japan on January 25th, 2013.

Las Leñas 8/6: Making The Most Of It

August 6th, 2012 by


Conditions are not ideal in Las Leñas right now. Apart from a few one inch refreshes, we haven’t had a good storm in a few weeks. The wind has really worked the snow over in most places. Things are pretty firm out there.

However, it’s not all bad. There is still a decent base, and everything is pretty filled in. Skiing hard pack is better than not skiing at all. We’ve been getting out there and exploring some new lines, and generally making the most of it.

Plus, Argentinians know just what to do when ski conditions aren’t the best: party! Actually, come to think of it, they do a lot of that when the conditions are good, as well.

Looking forward, it appears we may get some snow on Friday the 10th, and there is a more significant storm off in the distance for Tuesday the 14th. Hopefully we’ll get that refresh we desperately need from one of them!


Days 1 - 3, Snow-Forecast

Days 1 – 3, Snow-Forecast

Days 4 - 6, Snow-Forecast

Days 4 – 6, Snow-Forecast

Days 7 - 9, Snow-Forecast

Days 7 – 9, Snow-Forecast

Las Leñas 7/30: Backcountry Classics

July 30th, 2012 by


Overall, the weather has been great for getting out into the big Las Leñas backcountry these past few days. The winds have been high at times, but there has been plenty of soft snow to be found, and the skies have been blue.

This video features two Las Leñas classics: Torrecillas and Cerro Negro. Torrecillas provides guaranteed powder on playful, spiny terrain; while Cerro Negro is steep, rocky, and terrifying.

Clouds just rolled in this afternoon, so we may have a few gray days ahead of us. At the moment Snow Forecast is not calling for any real weather, but keep your fingers crossed, because we could really use a refresh.


Thanks to Matthias Weichselbaumer for the POV footage in this video.

Also, apologies for the delay since the last conditions report. The internet has been really, really, ridiculously slow. Hopefully it will improve when holidays from Buenos Aires end.

Las Leñas Conditions 7/13: Some Soft Snow on the Upper Mountain

July 14th, 2012 by


Well, the wind has continued to work things over in Las Leñas the past few days. Just about every unsheltered slope is covered with rock hard, un-skiable sastrugi. Today, the Eduardo’s off-piste gate was closed, presumably due to how firm the snow was.

However, there is still some powder to be found up there. We skied reasonably soft snow on Cerro Martin today, and others reported powder on some other peaks on the upper mountain. Further, the current high pressure is beginning to develop some decent corn, if you can find anywhere that hasn’t been sastrugified.

Looking forward, it appears that we will have high pressure for the next week atleast. Again, although the current snow quality is frustrating, it’s hard to complain when Marte is open and most lines are filled in.

However, Snow Forecast is calling for “Heavy Snow” next Friday (the 20th) night, so the future is looking good.


Days 1-6 mid-mountain,

Days 1-6 mid-mountain,

Days 7-9, mid-mountain,

Days 7-9, mid-mountain,

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It Didn’t Snow 100″ This Week, But We Skied Powder Anyways | Hakuba, Japan

March 21st, 2012 by

For once, it sounds like snow totals in Japan are falling short of those around North America (glad that everyone is finally getting some). However, that is not to say that there is not good skiing in Hakuba right now. With a little extra work, there is still plenty of good snow around.

After a dusting of new snow over night, the day began with cloudy skies. As morning wore on, many areas began to clear, but extreme winds and clouds remained on high ridge tops. The only recent avalanche activity we witnessed was a small, shallow slab that released due to rapid wind loading. It does appear that the new snow is bonding nicely on the rain crust, as we have not seen anything sliding on it in the past two days. showing precipitation arriving on Friday.

It appears that tomorrow will be the last day with clear(ish) skies, as rain/snow arrives on Friday and will stick around awhile. Keep a close eye on the freezing level as precipitation begins, hopefully it will stay cold and we will get snow close to the valley floor.

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