Helicopter + Explosives + Massive Avalanches = One Awesome Video

April 23rd, 2014 by

Helicopter + Explosives + Massive Avalanches = One Awesome Video 


G3 athlete Orry Grant doubles as an avalanche control professional for BC Highways. He kindly submitted this educational video he received, description below.

The B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is responsible for maintaining public safety on B.C.’s highways, and minimizing the frequency and duration of avalanche related closures. As the busiest avalanche program in B.C., Kootenay Pass has several different methods of control. Although most of the time our avalanche problem can be dealt with in under 2 hours, there are times when a deeper snowpack instability, left uncontrolled, could pose a danger to B.C.’s commuters. In a case like this, we have to close the road and use the appropriate method of avalanche control.

This video, shot last year by Mark Talbot, and Matt Foley is a day of helicopter explosives control. We had a deep persistent weak layer, and large deposits of snow were left on the road.

So next time you’re wondering why it can sometimes take so long to re-open the highway; consider the size of our driveway, and the amount of snow that the road crew has to plow. Thanks for your patience!

Crazy Russians Jump off 5-story Roof Into Snow

March 28th, 2014 by

More Proof that Russians are CRAZY.

Some bored residents in Magadan in the far east have come up with a rather novel way to entertain themselves. They’re seen here jumping five stories off the top of an apartment block, just for fun. The snow outside was so deep it cushioned their fall. The men were filmed by a neighbor, able to observe this cheaper version of skydiving. But their high jumps were not rated as sport by the police.

For more Russian shenanigans CLICK HERE

Candide Thovex & Friends In We Are Faction Collective

March 18th, 2014 by

From Jackson Hole via Chamonix and La Clusaz to the streets of Poland, follow The Faction Collective’s adventures in the second episode of our web series.

“Featuring (in order of appearance) : Arnaud Rougier, Sam Cohen, Tim McChesney, Pablo Schweizer, Tom Granier, Candide Thovex, Etienne Mérel & Dan Hanka.
Locations : Jackson Hole, Chamonix, Verbier, Vars, La Clusaz, Poland, Grenoble.
Editing and cinematography : Etienne Mérel
Additional filmers : Benjamin Nardini, Maxime Moulin, Blake Kimmel, Les Crapules.
We would like to thanks : Rob LaPier, Trevor Thomas, Braden Masselink, Jan Palvis, Petra Jur, Bet Sabova, Wladek Donimirski, Jan Kastory, Tony Lamiche, François Thevenet, Jérémy Migliaccio, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Grand Targhee Resort.” –  Find more about us on

Skiing in Ireland? | Happy St. Patricks Day!

March 17th, 2014 by

Skiing in Ireland – Mourne Mountains

A wonderful week of ski touring in the Mourne Mountains Ireland over Easter 2013. Mountains/ areas skied include Slieve Commedagh, Slieve Meelmore, Slieve Bernagh, Slieve Donard and the Castles!
Filmed and edited by Paul Swail
[email protected]

Snowboarding in 86′ | The Good Ol’ Days

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YouTube Preview Image

This video comes before almost everything snowboarding that is today.
Before triple corks, double corks, or even corks in general.
Before the internet, iphones, mp3s and DVDs.
It came before Torah Bright, but definitely not Betty White.
This video came before Banana Tech, Slime Walls, and Magnetraction.
It even came before baggy pants and wides stances.

This video came from the time when it wasn’t about going pro,
or calling everyone “bra”, “bru” or “bro”.
When 360′s were huge, and backflips well, not so cool.
This was a time when half pipes weren’t perfect,
and all cliffs were rad.
It was a simpler day, there were no gapers, no haters, they all just strapped in.
These times were fun and the guys were all right.

But months later was born our new friend Shaun White…

To the good ol’ days and the pioneers of snowboarding, we salute you! 

Crash of the Week: Chimney Tomahawk

November 18th, 2013 by

*best audio clip yet

Via email: A girl named Stacey Canfield got some footage of my crash in Easy Street.  Not sure how many crashes people want to see or if the video is worth putting up, but feel free to use it if you want.  There might even be some better footage of it somewhere.  You guys got my run on video in “Chimney Session #7″, but edited out the crash.  It all happened so fast, I’m not even sure what went wrong.  The 6 or so cartwheels I did made for one sore back though.  I’m hoping to be back at it another week or so as well.   Cheers, Ryan Kramer

Still Funny: Corbet’s Couloir Fail With Real Time Call Out

November 13th, 2013 by

This guy sends it off the headwall of Corbet’s, to an epic fail. Despite the dissuasion of the cameraman, this kid sends it anyway. Props to the camera man for actually calling him out before he lands, following up with an insult before he stops rolling. “How’s your back!?”

Snowmobiler Avalanche Burial and Successful Victim Recovery on Video | Watch & Learn

October 23rd, 2013 by

This avalanche starts at the :37 second mark.  At 2:50 you can see the burial victim’s face and really watch the team working to get him extracted.  At 3:00 they have got the victim completely extracted.  At 3:25 you get a full analysis of the incident from the Utah Avalanche Center.

A local snowmobiler and his wife set out for an afternoon of low angle riding on March 4th 2012. Planning to stick to mellow terrain they left their avalanche rescue gear in the rig. As they pulled up to Hoyt Peak they met another group they knew and started climbing a steep east facing slope. Tyson was the sixth track on the slope when it broke above him. He tried to throttle off the slab but got thrown from his machine and held onto the bumper, getting completely buried in a slight terrain feature at the toe of the slide.

Please enjoy this remarkable story.

Thanks to all who helped make this video possible.

You can find the complete accident report by the Utah Avalanche Center here:

 Utah Avalanche Center

IFSA Video: Erik Hilb killing it

September 16th, 2013 by

The past several years we have traveled across the continent to some of the biggest junior freeride competitions. Both the IFSA and JFT provide the opportunity for young and upcoming skiers in the US and Canada to showcase their talent.

The talent at the junior IFSA events and JFT events rivals the talent of the FWT 4 star events. Over the next several days we will include some season edits from some of these talented athletes and it’s the summer, so enjoy the skiing!

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 3.21.45 PM

Erik Hilb is a talented 17 YO skier from Vail, CO. He is comfortable in the park, on big mountain terrain, and turns his skis as well as anyone. Check out some of the technicality of some of the lines in this video. He had a great year and we look forward to watching Erik continue to progress.

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 3.18.36 PM


Erik had this to say about his season:

“I broke my arm early on in the season but I was back skiing by January and was able to secure a few National podiums and on several occasions I was holding the highest individual score of the competition. Had a great time shredding with all the guys on the tour this year and am way stoked to ride with all of them again this season! Big ups to Oakley, Pret Helmets, Full Tilt Boots, and Soul Poles for the support, and of course thanks to my parents and coaches!”

Global Warming, Ice Sheets and Sea Level Rise

August 23rd, 2013 by
The greenhouse effect, from the Jason project

Make no mistake – the earth is warming. I’m not going to get into the politics of global warming here, this isn’t the place for that. Whether you believe that … Read More